Focus on Crime, Kayihura Told

Opposition Democratic Party (DP) have called upon the Inspector General of Police (IGP), sale sales Gen. Kale Kayihura to concentrate more on fighting insecurity in the country which is on the rise especially in Kampala, clinic rather than spending a lot of time “politicking and campaigning for NRM candidates.”

Kenneth Paul Kakande, the DP spokesperson told the media during a weekly press briefing that the souring insecurity especially in Kampala as the country nears elections was what the IGP should be focusing on at the moment.

“Kampala has currently been taken over by criminal gangs that are almost freely robbing people of their property. The IGP is recruiting crime preventers yet today it is unsafe to move around after 9pm.”

Kakande highlighted such criminal gangs as Kifeesi, Kasoro group, B 13, Red Top and many more operating in Kampala central, Nakawa, Kawempe among other areas.

“We call upon Kayihura to stop politicking and take on his responsibility of protecting people and their property; we understand that he spends a lot time campaigning for President Museveni but people are dying.”

DP further expressed concern over the recruitment of Special Police Constables (SPCs) to oversee the polling exercise, noting that these are only being deployed to help in vote rigging.

“We are worried about Kayihura’s involvement in the election process; we have information that these SPCs are not deployed to fight vote rigging but rather ensuring that NRM cheats are protected.”

“We are to not going to treat constables like police officers but as cheats and we are ready to fight them back on their game.”

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