Flying Squad Officers Who Dismantled Bijambiya Gang Disappointed Over Lack of Recognition

A group of six Police Flying Squad operatives who brought down the murderous bijambiya criminal gang in the areas of Masaka are dismayed by the lack of appreciation for their efforts.

The group says they did all the heavy lifting in dismantling the dangerous gang, but only one police officer, who got involved in the end, and brought down one of criminals in mob justice, was honored by President Yoweri Museveni last week.

Late last year, the criminal gang terrorized the areas of Masaka region, sparking a wave of fear and insecurity in the region.

Galiwango Musa alias Kaweesi Daudi, Kiddawalime Mohammed and 7 others on the New Year’s Eve hacked to death seven people in Bukomansimbi, including a retired police officer SSP Denis Lumala Ssebugwawo.

President Yoweri Museveni rushed to the area on January 3rd 2018 and ordered authorities to hunt down and apprehend the culprits.

The Flying Squad team, known internally as “Technical” swung into action and apprehended Galiwango and Kiddawalime from different locations.

These were detained at Masaka Central Police and later arraigned before the Grade One Magistrate who remanded them to Masaka Prison along with their accomplices.

On March 1st 2018, the duo capitalizing on security laxity, escaped from Masaka Magistrates Court and disappeared into the nearby woods.


President was infuriated by this development and publicly attacked the Prison authorities. He gave the authorities two weeks to have rearrested the escapees.

The “Technical” Flying Squad team again got to work and started tracking the duo.

They started monitoring the phone calls of the wives of the fugitives, aware that they would try to establish contact.

The wife of Kiddawalime was later arrested around Kasenyi in Entebbe and she surrendered the new number her husband was using after the escape.

Days later, Kiddawalime was killed by the mob on April 10th 2018 in Masaka, the same place GPS had located the wife of Galiwango.

Shortly afterwards, Galiwango’s wife was arrested in Masaka and she too surrendered to flying a number her husband was using.

Galiwango was finally tracked and found in Kanyampumo, in Ntungamo district on April 17th 2018. The armed fugitive tried to escape but was shot four times by the Flying Squad.

The team rushed him to Mbarara Referral hospital for treatment.

Musa Galiwango at Mbarara Hospital


Musa Galiwango at Mbarara Hospital

Dr. Byabashaija immediately sent his staff the same day to Mbarara Referral Hospital to confirm the arrest of Galiwango and also sent his gratitude to the Flying Squad team.

The team later brought Galiwango from Mbarara to Luzira. The Commissioner General of Prisons gave them Shs 10m and also promised to take them to Museveni.

The team, eagerly waiting to meet the President however, was stunned on Wednesday last week when Museveni recognized and promoted another officer from Masaka who joined the mob in the killing of Kiddawalime.

“We were shocked to see someone who didn’t do much compared to what we did, being promoted,” one of the six Flying Squad officers told Chimpreports anonymously.

Museveni promoted Cadet ASP Twinomugisha Steven during State of the Nation Address.

“In particular, I want to commend Cadet ASP Twinomugisha Steven, a Police Officer, that wrestled down the criminal and disabled him.  With immediate effect, I promote him to the next rank,” Museveni said.





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