Floyd Mayweather Claims He Carried Conor Mcgregor

The fight between the undefeated champion named Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor has come and gone.

But the ripples and effects will continue to linger. It was a fight that more than 50 percent of boxing fans gave to Conor.

Some friends said that Mayweather is only an orthodox boxer, while Connor is a martial arts fighter.

So, the later will teach the former a lesson of his life. Some also posited that the Money Man is very small in stature and so will receive a beating of his life from Conor.

But at the end of the fight, the result was very different from the McGregor vs. Aldo fight.

It was the Money Man that came out scattered from the fight, while Conor went home with his tails between his legs.

Presently, he has a record of 50 fights and 50 wins.

This man who the world is somehow united in despising, because of how he throws his money around, is enjoying all all-expenses paid trip to China.


That too is one of the perks of his victories in the ring, even when most of the wwe odds piles against him.

In the fight that happened between them in august, the Irishman won the first three rounds and it was all looking like he would go straight and give the American a knockout.

However, the fight was later dominated and won by the 40 year in the 10th round.

Mayweather has always appreciated his opponent since the end of that bout as having the kind of strength he never believed he had.

But while enjoying his £2million all-expenses-paid vacation in China, he made a turnaround.

He posited that he deliberately made the fight “look good”. For him, in the bid to give the fans something to enjoy, he “carried” the Irishman to the 10th round.

For him, it was all about making sure that the audience at the boxing arena and the 4 million that were viewing from television stations are happy with the fight.

He accepted that almost everybody protested the fight, but in actual sense, he made the fight look good for all. This is an attempt to tell the world that he could have given McGregor a complete knockout.

Some of the pundits had come out to give the Irishman some credit for the last fight. Some say he did well by taking the fight to the 10th round, even when they had expected the moneyman to end it earlier as the more experienced among them.

But there are some that believed that Mayweather toyed with him all through the fight, and that he never really had any chance of getting something out of it.

Floyd has come out to say that he made the fight last as long as it did.

So, those who made wwe predictions that he would defeat the Irishman earlier can now heave a sigh of relief, knowing that the 10th round thing was deliberate.

While talking to the reporters, Floyd also took time to talk to the Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya, who made efforts to ensure that the fight did not happen.

For him, the Boy is a hypocrite, and this is a reply to the call by Oscar De La Hoya for Mayweather to fight him in November.

However, if it’s true that the Floyd vs. McGregor last fight was deliberately made to last that long by Floyd who is one of the promoters, is that not fraud?

The question that should be on the lips of many people would be, ‘have we not been conned?

Many would have come to the arena to watch a raw game from the hearts of the boxers, with skills, tactics and masterful game plan on display. No one would have gone there to see a preplanned game meant only for their entertainment.



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