Floral-Embroidered Outfits take Kampala by Storm

As the adage goes, no one reinvents the fashion wheel; what goes around, comes back around.

As you read this, the floral-embroidered outfit trend is back, and it’s eating up the city’s fashionistas as a slow as a python on a helpless goat.

If you’re wondering what this is, and what it’s about, worry not. Most slay queens don’t know too. So, you’re not alone.

These are outfits that are sewn and embellished with flower designs.

These range from tops, skirts, dresses, shoes, bags to leather jackets and other accessories.

The flower designs are meant to add fun, joy and romance to one’s style.

Lydia Jazmine rocking a floral-embroidered short

Over the past time they have rocked the fashion scene, such outfits have been recognized for the beauty they can add to understated garments.

They really make your outfit come to life.


There are so many pieces with floral embroidery that you’re bound to find for your wardrobe rotation.

How to Rock the Trend

For the shirts and tops, there are so many options.

It can be worn with a skirt, tight pants for both work and night events. This adds a lot of personality to your lot and can be upgraded with elevated pants and heels.

Embroidered jeans aren’t just for kids anymore.

When styled right, embroidered jeans can totally work for women, too! It’s all about clean lines, and not adding too much drama to the look.

When styled right, embroidered jeans can totally work

Just add a simple white tee paired with some flat or heeled, depending on your mood and your destination.

Try pairing the jeans with a lace up body suit that brings the up-to-date look for a perfect transition.

Embroidered bags are a great beginner’s accessory if you’re still trying to get comfortable with the whole floral trend.

They’re also great for adding a pop of color to and a diplomatic look, whether it’s all black or all white.

About what shoes to rock on such an outfit, make them speak for themselves by going simple with your outfit.

Whether you’re wearing floral embroidered heels or booties, simplicity matters.

An all-black outfit would look better on them to avoid drama.

The dresses can be paired with block heels or sandals according to the occasion you’re meant to attend. Some denim embroidered dresses can be fit for church, outing with the girls, or a Sunday at home.

In Uganda, the trend is common with stars like Lydia Jazmine, Sheebah Karungi and Desire Luzinda…of course the other smart slay queens too.

Desire Luzinda rocking a floral-embroidered dress

There you go girl, go rock the world.

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