Floating Island at Kira Power Station Finally Cleared

A multi-sectoral technical team from the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Industry (MAAIF), ESKOM and Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL) has worked jointly to clear a floating island at Kira Power Station.

The island, which is 1.5 acres big, was seen advancing towards the dam in Jinja on Wednesday night.

Experts teamed up to clear this floating island in an exercise which lasted for about 8 hours period. This team was headed by Principal Engineer MAAIF Eng. Dominic Mucunguzi and Technical Director from Eskom Eng. Luvuyo Feni.

Eng Feni Luvuyo, Mr Pius Wakabi Kasajja (PS MAAIF ) and Engineer Dominic Mucunguzi (Principal Engineer MAAIF ) at Kira dam.

According to the engineers, the major challenge they encountered during the exercise was the lack of a ferry on the site which delayed mobilization and transportation of the required equipment.

Another challenge, the engineers added, was the fast-moving waters and strong currents which made it difficult to anchor the island in one place.

This floating island has affected a number of activities like the power generation process at both Nalubale and Kira stations as well as fisheries.

In order to ensure such an incident doesn’t occur again, there is a need for improved surveillance and monitoring of the floating island so that it is managed at a distance far away from the dam to reduce the risk, experts advised.

In addition, Eng. Luvuyo noted thus “There is a need to put in place a complete set of standby equipment on site ready to avert such a situation in case need arises.”


The General public especially the fishing community has been advised to report in time any floating island to the authorities for a quicker action.

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