FIXTURES: 2020/21 Netball Super League Season Fixtures Released, Kick-off Date Confirmed

Uganda Netball Federation has revealed the tentative kick-off date and full fixtures for the forthcoming 2020/21 Netball Super League (Division One) season.

The new Netball Super League season is tentatively scheduled to kick-off on Saturday 5th December 2020 and will reach the climax on 16th January 2021.

For the previous three seasons, the league games have been taking place at the Mandela National Stadium in Namboole, however, the venue is now acting as an isolation centre for Covid-19 patients.

The Netball Federation has therefore opted for Kibuli Police Children Primary Weather Court as the new venue for the league games where each team will play two games every match-day in the first three weeks.

According to the rules and regulations set by the Federation for the upcoming season, all teams shall arrive 30 minutes before the game and any team that will arrive 30 minutes late shall loose the game by forfeiture.

Also, no participating team shall be allowed to play without players’ licenses hence calling for prior preparations ahead of next month’s action.

Full Fixtures

Match day 1: Saturday 5th December 2020


• Weyonje NC vs Uganda X Luwero – 8:00am

• NIC vs UPDF NC – 10:30am

• KCCA NC vs Posta NC – 1:30pm

• Police NC vs UCU NC – 2:30pm

• Prisons NC vs KBK NC – 4:30pm

• KBK NC vs Police NC – 8:30am

• UCU NC vs Prisons NC – 10:30am

• Posta vs Weyonje – 12:30pm

• Uganda X Luweero vs NIC – 2:30pm

• UPDF NC vs KCCA NC – 4:30pm

Match day 2: Saturday 12th January 2020

• NIC vs UCU – 8:30am

• KCCA NC vs Uganda X Luweero – 10:30am

• Police NC vs UPDF NC – 12:30pm

• Prisons vs Posta – 2:30pm

• Weyonje vs KBK – 4:30pm

• Weyonje vs Police – 8:30am

• Uganda X Luweero vs KBK – 10:30am

• UPDF NC vs Prisons – 12:30pm

• Posta vs NIC – 2:30pm

• UCU vs KCCA NC – 4:30pm

Match-day 3: Saturday 19th December 2020

• KCCA vs Weyonje – 8:30am

• NIC vs KBK – 10:30am

• Prisons vs Uganda X Luweero – 12:30pm

• Police vs Posta – 2:30pm

• UPDF vs UCU – 4:30pm

• UCU vs Uganda X Luweero – 8:30am

• Posta vs UPDF NC – 10:30am

• Weyonje vs NIC – 12:30pm

• KBK vs KCCA – 2:30pm

• Police vs Prisons – 4:30pm

Match day 4: Saturday 9th January 2021

• UCU vs KBK – 8:30am

• Uganda X Luweero vs Posta – 8:30am

• Weyonje vs UPDF NC – 10:30am

• NIC vs Prisons – 2:00pm

• Police vs KCCA NC – 2:00pm

• Posta vs KBK – 4:00pm

• UPDF vs Uganda X Luweero – 4:00pm

Match-day 5: Saturday 16th January 2021

• Uganda X Luweero vs Posta – 8:30am

• KBK vs UPDF NC – 10:30am

• Weyonje vs UCU NC – 12:30pm

• Prisons vs KCCA NC – 2:30pm

• NIC vs Police – 2:30pm

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