Five Things you Will Love about Radiocity’s Judithiana

Media personality Namazzi Judithiana is one of the few female presenters that have kept their names clean and that has pulled more fans to her.

She is bubbly, stylish, down to earth, presenter at Radio City and Urban TV and makeup artist that has been in the industry for some time and has mastered the art of  good work.

Despite her beautiful smile and nice chocolate color, there are those few things about her that will keep you amused on how much she has been underrated in the industry.


With her endless sense of fashion, one could tell that Judithiana’s style is one of a kind. She is a personal wardrobe stylist to many celebrities and people who never go wrong on anything she wears.

Following her social media pages could make you think twice on the kind of clothes you pick to wear each day.

Being a makeup artist, Judy never walks a day without a glowing and made up face.

What more can we say, Judy always has her fashion game on top



Unlike most media personalities who would like undergo dramas to become famous, Judy has kept her name clean and fresh each day. She is either talking about her beauty blog or next TV, Radio show. Even when she felt cheated at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards for the best dressed female media personality, the calm woman took it to social media to thank her fans for voting.

Judithiana (L) chatting with a friend


She knows what she wants in life and how to get it. With over three jobs at her hand, Judy is also a brand ambassador for different hair lines and fashion stores. She blogs, vlogs and publishes all her work so that her clients can know about them.

She is always looking for the next slot of work

Private life

Just like little is known about her background, Judy makes it a point that nothing about her private life is put into the limelight.

She recently denied a marriage proposal from a workmate which kept many wondering who her real man (That’s if she has one) is.

Judithiana wearing a white tee with a red leather mini skirt


Judithiana’s attitude is what every woman should bare. She is a feminist who won’t hide behind but show it to the world as she says it has helped women discover themselves.

“I’m not a feminist per se but I love the effect it has had on several women. Women have learnt to love and appreciate themselves hence raising their self-esteem. Women have realized that you don’t need a man by your side to succeed in life. This attitude has given singles mothers urge to fight and raise their children instead of throwing them away. Plus the sound of a female president does put a smile on my face.” She was quoted.

She is one of a kind that won’t let any fashion trend by pass her. It’s either she tries it or tries it, she never fails to try.

Judithiana keeps her attitude right


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