Five Things To Consider Before Taking On A Job Offer

Before taking on a new job, you have to reach an agreement with your employer to make sure the terms benefit both parties, it’s advisable that you sign an acceptance letter and a contract before starting to work.

Janet Oketch an employer says it is important for a person to put some sensitive issues into consideration before accepting any job offer.

“It is  advisable that you understand the terms and conditions of any job before you take it on, this will help you determine whether it serves your expectation or not,” she says.

Evaluate the job

Oketch notes that one needs to weigh the pros and cons of the job and take some time to think about the offer.  You shouldn’t say yes right away before clearly analyzing some issues so as to avoid frustrations in future.

“Consider the entire compensation package. This should include salary, other benefits, work environment, the schedule and the hours.  Also, consider the job description not forgetting to put into consideration whether you would be happy working at this job,” she advises.

Will the new job help you to learn something new?

Precious Mugenyi a Human Resource Manager advises that you consider whether the new job will help you grow career wise. She says it is always important to take on a job that will be able to uplift you to another level.


“Though you may not be very sure whether the new job will give you absolute happiness, you should put into consideration its possibility to take you to another level by teaching you something new,” she says.

Negotiate the salary

Mugenyi adds that it is important for one to understand the salary before accepting a job offer. She says on many occasions employers take advantage of the job scarcity to underpay workers especially fresh graduates. She advises people especially fresh graduates not to settle for less especially if the work load is much.

“Once you have considered all the details of your offer, take another look at the salary. Is it enough? Would you rather be earning more? Is there room for negotiation? If you are not contented with the pay check, it may turn into a problem regardless of how great the benefits are,” he notes.

Consider whether you are passionate about the job

Do you love the job that you have been given, does the position allow you to use the skills. Aketch says these should be some of the questions you ask yourself before taking on any job offer. She says when one has passion for the job it is a guarantee that they will ably perform their tasks and exceed their expectations.

Look out for future prospects

Mugenyi says that in today’s job market, no position is forever. You need to evaluate how this position will set you for future growth.

“Will this job keep you active, will the day-to-day responsibilities let you practice skills that will make you even more marketable in the future? Does this position come with increased responsibility? Will working at this company give your resume added credibility? Does the job give you a chance to make a desired career change,” she adds.





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