Five Impressive Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween, normally celebrated around the world on October 31 to remember the departed souls, will in Uganda be marked on October 28 – for those who are fans on Nigerian music.

Nigeria’s renowned dance-hall artist Onyido Nkemjika aka Ketchup has already been confirmed by Talent Africa as the guest performer at the Halloween Spookfest. (it is on October 28.)

But for you to enjoy that day, you need to look the part. And in this piece, ChimpLyf walks you through some of the basic ideas.

From the messy red carpet to the silver screen of the vampire origin, these ideas will make you look creative, classic and straight up hilarious.

You could opt to go traditional means, but let’s be honest when it comes to Halloween selfie; you deserve to stand apart from the other basic witch-like partiers. Here are my few ideas.

Dad’s little monster

With this kind of costume, try to look like a messed up little girl. Have a short denim skirt with a messy cut out top spoiled with drinks’ spots or chocolate. If you have vans then you are good to go.

Zombie from office


Artistically, spoil that old suit with red paste and on your skin out body parts.

You can as well tear it on the elbows and shoulders. Make black birds out of paper to represent the bad spirits and stick them on your shoulders.

Zombie from office

World war Z’ rescue team

Here, one has to dress like a hero from the army coming to fight zombies. Have that long cow boy boot or a Timberland complemented with an army like combat.

If you have the red top cap, just cover up with a black trench coat and hang a wooden AK 47 machine gun across your shoulders, go attack the vampires and zombies at the Halloween night party.

Nutty artist

As an artist, performer or musician, you always want to look stylish, well dress up in anything cool probably with your velvet jacket on.

An artist gone nuts

But what will scare away your friends is pretending you have gone nuts. Just get out of the normal attitude, have a funny walking style and put up a very aggressive face like as if you will box anyone looking at you.

Doctor attacked at the hospital

With  this idea, have your gentle clothes on with a torn pant and a folded shirt with lost buttons. Apply red paste on the neck flowing in the chest, mask your eye like it has been screwed out and stick an injection tube on your heart side of the chest.

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