First Lady Tickles She Cranes, African Teams To Push Harder In World Championships

The First Lady Janet Museveni has urged the national netball team, She Cranes, and other African teams to aim higher when they go out to represent the continent at world stages.

Janet Museveni, who doubles as the Minister of Education and Sports, was speaking as she welcomed back the team from the recently-concluded World Cup in Liverpool, England.

She urged the team to persevere the tough conditions they go through due to fewer facilities and work to build their names.

“I think that it is time that we refuse to be contented with the categorizing of African teams as excellent on the continent and free ourselves to compete globally with the best out there,” Museveni told the team that finished seventh, their best-ever finish at a world cup. The team finished eighth at the 2015 World Cup and 13th back in 1979.

She further added that “I know that you don’t have everything that you need. We all know that but those are some sacrifices to make as initial teams to lay a better ground for the future teams. Don’t forget that all of us know that you’re working under those difficult services and yet you are doing your best.”

Africa was represented by South Africa, Malawi, Uganda and Zimbabwe with all finishing in the best eight – the best ever performance by the continent.


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