First Lady Decries Shrinking Food Production In Kigezi

Janet Kataha Museveni the Minister of Education and Sports has expressed concern over the decreasing nutritional standards in the Kigezi sub region despite its previous record of good performance in the same field.

“I grew up knowing Banyakigezi as hardworking people, self-reliant and also development oriented. You used to have enough food and the entire country respected you for that. Apparently this state is being lost and I am here to remind you of this cause,” said Janet Museveni.

Mrs. Museveni noted that Kigezi has favourable climate, and that parents should not have any excuse not properly feeding their school going children.

“We would wish to mobilize leaders in all categories to join us in this campaign to remind parents their role of feeding their children. According to the available statistics from districts that have their children well fed, their performance is good as they are able to be attentive in class and are vibrant in their daily lives,” said Mrs. Museveni.

The First Lady was on Friday evening appearing at Voice of Kigezi radio in Kabale municipality on her countrywide nutrition campaign.

She called for increased sensitization of parents in ensuring the availability of enough food crops to avert the increasing cases of malnutrition.

“For the time I have spent in the Education Ministry; I have learnt that some children go to school without food to eat which is quite disastrous to their future progress. We all know that if a parent produces a child, they should ensure that they get enough food, clothing, shelter and health care,” she said.

She noted that packing lunch for children is not a sign of inability because it is even done in developed countries.


Speaking on the radio show, Dr. Kedress Turyagyenda, the director Education Standards in the Ministry of Education condemned the increasing cases of sexual harassment of learners by their teachers.

She also asked parents to stand with their children who get early pregnancies while in school.

“ According to our latest guidelines, if a child gets pregnant, parents should take her home and offer her the necessary support to enable safe motherhood, then after take her back to school,” said Turyagyenda.


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