“First Food Education:” Norbert Mao Equates Uganda’s Schools to KFC

Democratic Party (DP) President Norbert Mao has bemoaned the quality of Uganda’s education system saying as it stands it cannot address the country’s human resource challenges.

Speaking at a symposium organized to discuss key issues in the Office of the Auditor General Uganda 2017/18 report, Mao attributed students’ lack of inventiveness to today’s mode of teaching where students are coached to pass and not to learn as it was previously.

“Do you see the kind of letters our graduates write applying for jobs? It is nauseating. You go to school and people are not reading books, they are reading pamphlets. It is now fast food education; it is like KFC. What we have is KFC education” Mao said.

The DP leader as such, expressed fear that jobs in the much heralded oil sector and other sophisticated industries are likely to continue being a preserve of foreigners.

Mao, a former Makerere University guild president also tagged this anomaly to wrong prioritization by government in regard to World Bank reforms in the early 90’s.

“We said we are going to end up with a nation of clerks if we spend all the money in primary education and we don’t invest in higher education. As a result, even when a road is being constructed, the consultants who do the real work are foreigners because the Ugandans don’t have the technical ability.”

Politicians too, according to Mao, have not help the situation as they are only bent on castigating government rather than offering solutions.

“In Uganda today we largely have opposition politicians who are largely mourners.  There is a saying that apart from cursing darkness, you should light a candle. If you cannot hold the LC 5 accountable how will you hold the president accountable?”


“If we spend all our time trading insults, when are we going to debate about issues?”

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