Find Alternative Sources of Funding – Gov’t Tells NGOs

Civil Society Organizations [CSOs] have been advised to expand on their sources of funding if they want to remain strong, independent and relevant in the country

The advice was passed this week by Stephen Okello, the Executive director of the National Bureau for NGOs, the government regulator of NGOs.

Mr Okello pointed out that up to now most of NGOs are still heavily dependent on foreign donations.

“About 95% of NGOs in Uganda receive their funding from foreigners, making their sustainability and Independence very weak in the long run,’’ Said Okello.

He added that many NGOs have been forced to close down or reduce their activities during the Covid10 pandemic lockdown because most of their funders in the Foreign world have also been affected by the effects of the pandemic.

Mr. Okello made the remarks while addressing CSOs and Local government leaders from Acholi sub-region on Wednesday from Gulu City.

He stressed that Civil society organizations should start sourcing for their funds locally so as remain independent and impactful during this hard times.

Speaking at the event, James Opito, the Executive director of Gulu NGO Forum promised that to follow the government advice by sourcing for funding from within.


Mr. George Lagu, who represented the RDC of Gulu said that CSOs should not look at the various laws and regulations put in a place as measure of clamping down on them, but meant to give directions for their work and for good service delivery to the people.

A record from the National NGO bureau, under the Ministry of Internal affairs shows that there are about 2,190 registered NGOs in the Country.

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