Finance PS Muhakanizi Accused of Undermining Parliament

Members of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) have accused Ministry of Finance Permanent Secretary, nurse Keith Muhakanizi of undermining the institution of Parliament.

Muhakanizi with other officials were Wednesday appearing before PAC, cheap chaired by Soroti Woman MP, cialis 40mg Anglina Osege to answer to queries raised in the Auditor General’s report of 2014/15.

The PS’s response to the questions raised by members of the committee was found demeaning and unconvincing as per by Kalungu West legislator, Joseph Ssewungu.

“Madam Chairperson how can a PS be ignorant of the funds given to Makerere University and how it is spent, that’s just undermining parliamentarians and denying us information, Ssewungu said.

The worst came when Muhakanizi threw documents at the Chairperson instead of the accepted decent laying of documents on table.

This angered Osege who ordered Muhakanizi not to try acting in contempt of Parliament and ordered him to apologize, which he did.

The apology was however overlooked by Ssewungu; “This is not the first time Muhakanizi is appearing before Parliament and he knows how things are done in the house but he simply chooses to undermine us.”

The silent Muhakanizi reiterated his apology to the committee which was accepted by members through the chairperson and the meeting proceeded.


Ssewungu later told the media that, “Muhakanizi feels like he has a lot of powers compared to MPs,  and simply does whatever he feels like doing copying his senior President Museveni who has failed to reshuffle him for years,”

“He always takes us as beggars because we go there to ask for money; that’s why he takes us for granted.”

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