Finance Minister Roots for Better Healthcare

The state Minister of finance, erectile Planning and Economic Development, visit web David Bahati has advised government to provide better healthcare services, what is ed stating that only a healthy population will drive the country’s future economic aspirations.

The minister was yesterday speaking in light of a World Health Organisation report which pointed out that Ugandans disease burden remains predominantly communicable diseases.

“Health is at the center of development; once we reduce on our disease burden we will automatically increase our manpower leading to more labor, better output and competition hence bring in revenues which help the government greatly’’ he said.

Hon. Bahati made his remarks on Thursday at Imperial royal hotel while launching the State of Uganda and World population report, under the theme: Quality Healthcare: Key for sustainable development.

According to the report by the National Population Council Secretariat, Uganda’s population has increased from 16.7 in 1991 to over 36million; Poverty levels are 19.7 percent, infant mortality rate stands at 53 percent, total fertility rates 58 percent and life expectancy at birth 63.3 percent from the 50.4 percent in 2002.

‘’I want to remind Uganda’s that the population is continuing to grow, which means that the government needs more manpower; especially this being Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo,” said the minister.

He expressed content that government has invested a lot in health infrastructure to make sure people get the best health care, citing 11 regional hospitals which are being renovated countrywide including Mulago, Mityana, Entebbe, Iganga and many others.

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