Fik Fameica Excites Gulu Fans at Club Dome Party

Singer Fik Fameica has earned respect from Gulu after he performed there on Saturday night during the Club Dome party held at Acholi Inn Hotel.

After all the curtain raisers of the night, revelers were filled with excitement as Fik Fameica stepped on stage.

He performed his hits like Fresh & Clean, My Property, Sconto, Kachima, Tonsukuma among others.

But it was evident that Fameica was overwhelmed by the love he received from Gulu partiers as they danced and sang along to his tunes.

Revelers having a good time at Club Dome party in Gulu

There was however a brief moment of anxiety as one fan beat security and went on stage.

Ketty, a Gulu University student confessed her love for Fik Fameica as she claimed that he over looked at her when performing as he threw his shoes to the crowd.

“I felt like he was looking directly at me- or maybe it was my friend who was standing next to me, but no matter. The girl in front of me caught the shoe, but I felt like he was throwing it to me. This is my first favorite concert–and an evening I will never forget. Thanks, Club Pilsner for such an amazing party,” said Ketty.

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