‘Fighters Don’t Hide’ – Museveni Slams “Detractors” Behind City Murders

President Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday blamed the recent string of murders in urban areas, on “detractors” who he said are scared of the progress that his government has recorded lately.

With most of the infrastructural bottlenecks such as poor roads and insufficient electricity out of the way, and with the country on steady path to 7% GDP growth, Museveni said these detractors sought of other ways of derailing his government and resorted to murders, as a way of scaring Ugandans.

These killers, –who the president likened to lice — he said, are much weaker than all the different insurgents who were defeated by his government in rural areas.

“Today there is no single rebel in the bush, and if anyone goes back, they know that they are going to their grave,” Museveni said.

The president said however, that in the cities the killers have been taking advantage of the large and complex population and traffic, to carry out the murders, and disappear without being detected.

“Their only strength is in hiding like lice,” Museveni said during the Independence Day celebrations in Kyotera district.

“Therefore, the challenge that we had to address in towns was getting enough eyes, ears and noses to detect these crimes.”

The President a few hours earlier had launched a police CCTV command centre at the Natete Police Station in Kampala.


Museveni went on to describe the people behind the city murders as cowards.

“If you want to fight a war, you come out and declare it. That’s what the NRA did. We were 27, and we declared the war. Within two days everybody knew who we were.”

“Those who kill innocent people are just lice. They are not fighters. Fighters don’t hide.”

Meanwhile, Museveni utilized the 56th Independence Day celebrations to call on government leaders, to do more in promoting commercial agriculture.

The sector, Museveni noted with concern, was among those that registered the slowest growth of just 3%.

The President said Ugandans need to wake and stop working only for their stomachs.




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