ChimpReports Top News, Pictures, Videos From Uganda & East Africa 2018-09-23T14:42:15Z WordPress Sam Waswa <![CDATA[Rugunda Departs for New York To Represent Museveni at UN General Assembly]]> 2018-09-23T14:38:24Z 2018-09-23T14:37:22Z Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda today left for New York, to attend the UN General Assembly where he is representing President Yoweri Museveni.

While in New York, Dr Rugunda will make a statement to the 73rd Session of the General Assembly whose theme is:” Making the United Nations relevant to all people: Global Leadership and Shared responsibility for peaceful, equitable and sustainable societies.”

President Yoweri Museveni elected not to attend this year’s meeting, citing among others costs.

While State House says the President needed to attend to other important businesses at home, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said Museveni was trying to avoid the high costs of the New York trip.

Junior Internal Affairs Minister Okello Oryem told Daily Monitor recently, that the president had described as “pointless” the trip to o New York where he was to address the assembly for only 15 minutes.

“It is also costly in a way that each time he travels, he is accompanied by a big delegation,” the minister said.

There has however been no admission of the possibility that the President was trying to avoid negative reception in the US, over the allegations of torture of his political opponents.

Speaking before departure, Prime Minister Rugunda said that Uganda considers this UN General Assembly Session as an important milestone in the consolidation of international efforts to promote equitable and sustainable development as well as addressing peace and security challenges across the globe.

He said that during the session, Uganda will continue supporting and raising the profile of regional peace and security initiatives that are championed by President Museveni and other regional leaders under the auspices of IGAD, East African Community and African Union to pacify the region, especially in Somalia and South Sudan.

The Prime Minister is also scheduled to speak at a series of high level side events.

Pamela Amia <![CDATA[Ssemagulu Royal Museum: Preserving Uganda’s Culture, History]]> 2018-09-23T14:42:15Z 2018-09-23T13:17:45Z Uganda has a rich history right from the pre-colonial times, through the Arab trade, the arrival of the first European missionaries in 1877, to the time when she was made a British protectorate (colony) in 1894.

On 9th October 1962, Uganda gained her independence and went through a number of governments before the NRA (Present Day NRM) took over power in 1986 till date.

A visit at Ssemagulu Royal Museum located at Mutundwe, a Kampala suburb, will give you a great insight of where Uganda came from to where it is now.

The privately owned museum boasts of many historical collections like the black Benz which was among the fleet of cars used by Sir Andrew Cohen (Governor of Uganda from 1952 to 1957) among others.

I and a group of journalists recently visited the museum at the invite of the proprietor John Ssempebwa, who is also the Deputy CEO of the Uganda Tourism Board and our guide of the day.

“I got the idea to start this place about 8 years ago when I was in Brussels and we paid about 15 Euros just to see a bronze fountain of the Peeing Boy Statue. When I went back to my Hotel room I thought to myself: Uganda has a rich history, why can’t we set up a place with even more collections?”  Ssempebwa said.

The Museum Proprietor John Ssempebwa

“Four years later after getting capital, I started the Ssemagulu Museum you see now. The house originally belonged to my late father,” he told us.

Ssempebwa explained that the name “Ssemagulu” was got from the first throne of the Kabaka of Buganda, which is now called the “Namulondo”.

The museum became even more popular earlier this year when it rescued Uganda’s first Prime Minister Ben Kiwanukas car at Wakaliga police station where it was dumped when his house and residence in Lubaga was demolished.

Mr. Ssempebwa says, even in its poor state, the late Ben Kiwanuka’s car carries part of Uganda’s history and hence ought to be preserved.

“I felt bad to see the Late Ben Kiwanuka’s car dumped at the Police Station and yet when I was young, I used to see it on the road. That is why I sought permission from the Lord Mayor of Kampala to move it here,” Ssempebwa said, adding that he has plans to repair it.

He also acknowledged that the number of visitors at the museum doubled ever since Ben Kiwanuka’s vintage Mercedes Benz Ponton was added to their collection.

During our visit, about 200 students from different schools had visited the museum and were being taken around in groups by the guides.

Students visiting the museum

Also at Ssemagulu Museum, are about several drawings and amazing 50 sculptures of colonialists, Uganda martyrs, Kings and other historical figures and personalities mainly from Buganda Kingdom

“Tourism in Uganda should not be just about wildlife about also culture and history. 10 years from now this museum will be benefiting the people in this area,” Ssempebwa says.

With museums like Ssemagulu, the Igongo Cultural Centre in Mbarara and others in existence, the next generations will in all likelihood get to see and learn about the history of Uganda and have a story to tell.

Sam Waswa <![CDATA[Bebe Cool Flown to Rwakitura to Meet Museveni]]> 2018-09-23T12:59:19Z 2018-09-23T12:59:19Z Singer Moses Ssali, better known by his stage name Bebe Cool, this morning met with President Yoweri Museveni.

The meeting took place at the President’s country home of Rwakitura where the latter spent the weekend, having visited and commissioned a number of projects in Rubirizi district.

Bebe Cool went to Rwakitura with singer Catherine Kusasira of the Golden Band, as well as a few of members of both artists’ crews.

These were picked and returned to Kampala on the President’s own military helicopter.

Bebe Cool’s meeting with the President was the first since he was attacked by revelers during Jamaican artist, Tarrus Riley’s concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

The singer, who is a known supporter of President Museveni was accosted with bottles and other projectiles and was forced off stage by angry fans.

He was accused of saying nothing about the alleged torture of fellow artist Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine), during the election violence in Arua district.

Bebe Cool did not give away much about what was discussed in his meeting with the President, which he only described as “urgent.”

“He (Museveni) sent greetings to you his grandchildren and he says he loves you,” Bebe Cool said on board the Presidential chopper

“He told me to tell you to be patient and calm,” he said, adding, “The message you (the youths) gave me, I delivered to the president. Rest assured that all your concerns will be worked on.”

Meanwhile, Bebe Cool hinted on his impending visit to the family of Yasin Kawuma, the driver of Mr Bobi Wine who was shot dead in the Arua incident, as well as that of the recently murdered police officer Muhammad Kirumira.

Although he didn’t reveal whether or not the President gave him support to take to these families, Bebe Cool said Museveni had both families at heart.

On his stage attack late last month, Bebe Cool said he would not be weathered by such incidents, noting; “I will not stand down. This is just beginning. I will be starting form where you (bottle throwers) left.


Job Apuuli Namanya <![CDATA[Museveni Calls for Dialogue as Judiciary Remembers Ben Kiwanuka]]> 2018-09-23T12:00:03Z 2018-09-23T12:00:03Z President Yoweri Museveni has called upon lawyers, judicial officers and civil servants to engage in dialogue with the elderly freedom fighters, and discuss more about the strategic direction of Uganda and Africa at large.

In his message delivered by Vice president Hon Edward Kiwanuka Sekandi at the first Ben Kiwanuka Memorial lecture at High court grounds in Kampala, Museveni also called upon the cultural leaders, religious leaders and others to sit down to discuss and harmonize on strategic and tactical issues.

In his speech, Museveni aired a number of concerns with the judicial arm of government, pertaining issues like bail for serious crime suspects.

The President has often called for such criminals to be automatically denied bail.

“Why should it be a priority for the judiciary to grant bail to people accused and remanded of rape, murder, rioting, destroying property?  The society and victims have rights too,” he said.

At the event, Chief Justice Bart Katureebe Magunda hailed the late Ben Kiwanuka as one of the few people who decided to sacrifice his life in defence of rule of law in the country.

The chief justice asked various government officials in charge of handling judiciary issues to handle all matters carefully and that although some may appear to be small, they are important.

Among these, he pointed out the re-arresting of people who have been released by court, disobeying of court orders by some government officials, invasion of court premises and the despising of judges by some individuals.

Katureebe cautioned that as judiciary they will not allow to be made beggars in the process of asking for what they are mandated to have.

Justice Wako Wambuzi, the three time chief justice of Uganda asked all the judges and Magistrates to take a leaf from the late Ben Kiwanuka’s lifestyle and exhibit the highest level of unquestionable integrity as they execute their duties

“It has been 18years since I retired, my successor also retired and now its chief justice Bart Katureebe’s responsibility to take judiciary forward,” he said.

At this event, a bust of Kiwanuka was unveiled at the entrance of high court in Kampala in his memory.

The late Benedicto Kiwanuka, was on 21st September, 1972 violently kidnapped from his Chambers at this very High Court Building by President Amin’s soldiers and has never been seen again.


Sam Waswa <![CDATA[One Killed As Fire Guts Houses Near Entebbe Airport]]> 2018-09-23T11:46:48Z 2018-09-23T11:41:01Z At least one person was burnt to death last night by fire which gutted several houses in the Kigungu Housing Area near the Entebbe International Airport.

The fire, whose origin the authorities were yet to pin point, destroyed over a dozen houses, mostly locals’ homes.

One person who couldn’t be immediately identified, was found burnt beyond recognition in one of the structures.

One more person also sustained serious injuries in the fire.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) spokesperson Vienne Luggya confirmed the unfortunate incident.

He told Chimpreports the fire started early this Sunday morning at around 4:00 am and raged on for several minutes before rescue arrived.

“The Civil Aviation Authority Fire and Rescue services team responded and put out the fire,” Luggya said.

Kigungu Village, which is a small landing site on Lake Victoria, is just adjacent to Entebbe Airport’s main runway (Runway 17/35).

It is remembered by some as the birth place of the Catholic Church in Uganda, being the very place that the first French missionaries Rev Fr Simeon Lourdel and Brother Amans docked

Godfrey Tugume <![CDATA[Kabale: Archbishop Ntagali Fund-raises For Rehabilitation Of His Former School]]> 2018-09-23T11:14:40Z 2018-09-23T11:14:40Z The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, His Grace Stanley Ntagali has started a fundraising drive to rehabilitate Kitooma Primary School in Lyakarimira town council, Kabale district.

Ntagali on Saturday visited the school where he studied from decades ago, and held a thanksgiving and fundraising drive at St. Johns Kitooma Church of Uganda.

He was accompanied by Rt. Rev. George Bagamuhunda the Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda, State Minister of Planning David Bahati, Tycoon Augustus Mulenga, Brig. Gen. Timothy Sabiiti Mutebile among others.

The structures of the school which nurtured many people including the head of the Anglican Church in Uganda are currently in a sorry state, with many rooms including the head teacher’s office leaking.

Archbishop Ntagali speaking during the service

Archbishop Ntagali said he came back to his ancestral village of Kitooma after 46 years, having left in 1972 aged 16 years when his parents migrated to Bunyoro.

At the fundraiser, Minister Bahati commended the Archbishop for opposing homosexuality in Uganda.

He noted that Ntagali was among the church leaders who stood for the truthful biblical teachings.

On his part, Dr. Rugunda commended the Archbishop and the entire leadership of the Church of Uganda for preaching the gospel of peace and unity for the development of all people despite their religious affiliation.

Rugunda asked Christians to unite, cooperate and avoid divisions.

The premier also hails from this very locality in Kitooma where his late father Surumani Rugunda migrated from to upper Bugongi in Kabale municipality.

Rugunda contributed 200 bags of cement towards the school rehabilitation, while Vietnamese Consul to Uganda Mulenga pledged to
roof the St. Johns Kitooma church of Uganda and the structures of
Kitooma primary school.

Minister Bahati, who is also the Ndorwa West MP, donated 8.4 million shillings.

Godfrey Tugume <![CDATA[Tycoon Mulenga Donates Shs 100M As St. Mary’s College Rushoroza Marks 50 Years]]> 2018-09-23T10:47:11Z 2018-09-23T10:47:11Z Business tycoon Augustus Caesar Mulenga yesterday donated Shs. 100million to St.Marys College Rushoroza in Kabale town, to support the construction of a 5 storied classroom block.

This was during the college’s celebrations to mark 50 years that was held at the campus on Rushoroza hill in Kabale municipality.

The event was presided over by Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, who represented President Yoweri Museveni.

At least Shs 170 million was raised towards the school project.

Rugunda delivered a Shs 30 million contribution from the President, while Mulenga, who is also the Vietnamese consular to Uganda, topped the well-wishers with Shs 100 million.

Addressing the congregation, Dr Rugunda hailed church founded schools in the country for ensuring quality education.

He asked students to bear good discipline that will make them successful in future.

“As young people, you ought to be disciplined while in school. This is the only sure way you shall be prosperous in future because apart from academic excellence, your character defines who you will be,” said Rugunda.

Rugunda unveils the foundation stone for the Golden jubilee complex at the school

Speaking at the same function, David Bahati, the State Minister for Finance and planning asked youth to be wary of HIV/AIDS.

“You need to realise that HIV/AIDS still exists and it is a serious threat to your lives especially the youth. Please take care of your lives,” said Bahati.

The State Minister for Higher Education, John Chrysostom Muyingo hailed the school for producing hardworking and disciplined citizens that have helped the country in development.

He asked stakeholders of the school to promote values of honesty, hard-work and Christianity principles that have helped it to succeed.

St Mary’s College was started by the Catholic Church as a private school and it transformed from a junior school to a secondary school. It was later taken over by government in 1970.

Remegio Byamukama, the head teacher, said at the event that the school has registered massive success in academics, sports and co-curricular activities since its start.

He however said that they still struggle with infrastructural challenges that need to be addressed.

“We still lack enough classrooms and accommodation for the ever increasing numbers of students. Our water supply is still insufficient to handle the community,” he said.

Jimmy Musiime, one of the pioneer students who joined the school for Ordinary level in 1967 when it was starting said that a lot has changed and thus there is a reason to celebrate.

Musiime credited the school for imparting life skills in him that have helped him in being a self-reliant and hardworking man.


Godfrey Tugume <![CDATA[Kisoro: Suspected Armed Robbers Battered By Mob]]> 2018-09-23T10:29:20Z 2018-09-23T10:29:20Z Two armed robbers in Kisoro on Friday survived being lynched by an irate mob.

Charles Okoto the Kisoro district   police commander identified the two as Innocent Mfitundinda aka Biti, a taxi driver and resident of Cyanika Town Council, and Emmanuel Bizige a Rwandan businessman from Ruhengyeri town.

Okoto says on Friday 9pm at Kabira village in Chahi sub county, three people, one armed with a gun attacked one Godfrey Ziranimpa, a local resident, as he drove into his home after his wife opened the gate.

These, he says, robbed him of Shs. 460, 000 and took off.

The victim however, made an alarm that attracted the neighbors who chased after the suspects and managed to apprehend two, while the third who had the gun escaped.

Okoto says that the two, who are now admitted at Kisoro hospital were rescued by police from the mob that wanted to lynch them.

He says that police has commenced investigations and opened a aggravated robbery case number SD 60/21/9/2018 at Kisoro police station.


Sam Waswa <![CDATA[Museveni Hosts Rubirizi District Leaders At County Home]]> 2018-09-23T10:20:54Z 2018-09-23T10:20:54Z President Yoweri Museveni has called upon the leaders of Rubirizi District to help people in their communities move from subsistence farming to commercial agriculture so that all wananchi improve their household incomes.

The President made the appeal last evening during a meeting with Rubirizi District leaders at his country home in Rwakitura, Kiruhuura District.

Rubirizi District is in South Western Uganda and comprises 2 constituencies of Bunyaruguru and Katerera.

“You must wake up your people to start commercial farming and leave subsistence farming. Anyone with land should go into commercial farming,” he said.

President Museveni stressed that people should get out of the practice of growing food only for consumption but focus more on commercial agriculture. He advised the leaders to promote the adaption of the four-acre model of farming to people with small pieces of land.

Under the four-acre model of farming, a farmer can use one acre for cash crops such as coffee; allocate another acre for fruit production, the third acre for dairy production, piggery or poultry and the last one for food crops such as maize, beans among others.

The President informed the leaders that wananchi with small pieces of land should desist from growing cash crops like cotton and tobacco because such products do yield reasonable profits like people who cultivate the same crops on huge pieces of land.

“Cotton is important for the country but only profitable for people with big pieces of land,” he observed.

Still on agriculture, the President called upon families to stop dividing their land into smaller pieces upon the death of parents. He advised them to adapt the culture of sharing property from the consolidated pieces of land through shares so that they benefit from the profits after the sale of farm produce.

Mr. Museveni also advised the people of Bunyaruguru County against catching young fish, which he said, had reduced the fish stock in Lake George and Lake Edward. He called for control of the number of fishermen on the 2 lakes through the issuance of fishing licenses. He explained that just like cattle keepers plan for the number of cattle to keep in a kraal, even the lakes must be planned for.

“The fisheries people should tell us how much fish is in a square meter and the reproduction rate to determine the number of people to allow to fish on the lake,” he said.

On employment, President Museveni called upon the people Rubirizi not to focus on public service jobs for wealth creation but rather on the business sector that has no limit on the number of people that it can employ.

“Government jobs have a limit while the business sector has no limit. The number of jobs for Resident District Commissioners is known because the number of districts in the country is known,” he said.

The President said that government would give capacity to businesses to develop so as to create employment opportunities.

President Museveni also urged the people of Rubirizi District to conserve Queen Elizabeth National Park adding that the community should look at the Park as a source of wealth for them and the country through tourism.

“The Park has brought so much development to the community. I found 3 hotels in the Park. There is so much money that the Park can generate through tourism. We all need to protect the Park,” he emphasized.

He explained that Uganda receives 1 million tourists annually and US$1.5 billion from tourism. He said that these figures could go up if the neighboring communities conserve the Parks.

President Museveni donated Shs.30 million to Bunyaruguru Youth and Women SACCOs. He also gave 20 cows to different religious leaders to establish dairy farms at Parish level to enable wanainchi learn from in dairy farming.

Dickens H Okello <![CDATA[Machar Rejects Kiir’s Early Invitation to Juba, Wants Regional Force]]> 2018-09-23T09:49:55Z 2018-09-23T09:49:55Z The South Sudanese rebel movement of Dr. Riek Machar has said their leader will only return to Juba when the 4,000-strong regional forces are deployed in the capital.

President Salva Kiir, a few days after the signing of the peace agreement on September 12th 2018 in the neighboring Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, invited Machar to Juba in an apparent gesture to build confidence before the start of the implementation of the accord.

The SPLA- In Opposition Spokesman, Mabior Garang said yesterday that the invitation itself was not within the articles of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in the Republic South Sudan (R-ARCISS) and impractical.

“To ask the leadership of the opposition to go to Juba prior to the implantation of security arrangements is not only illegal according to the R-ARCISS, it is pointless and impractical,” said Mabior.

Mabior who is also the son of SPLA founder, Dr. John Garang (RIP) noted that there are several other ways to build confidence like the release of political prisoners held in Juba.

“There are many gestures of good wills the regime can show and which are in fact demanded by the R-ARCISS before we can even consider a return to Juba. In this vein, the Movement calls on President Salva Kiir, to release all Prisoners of War and Political Detainees,” noted Mabior.

According to Mabior, the leadership and members of the rebel movement are only going to step in Juba after the arrival of regional force.

“The SPLM/SPLA (IO) return to Juba, shall not take place before the deployment of the Regional Protection Force, granting of access to humanitarian workers to access people in need  and the launching of a process of national reconciliation and healing.”