FDC’s Turahi Dramatically Wins Isingiro Mayoral Race After Defecting from NRM

Forum for the Democratic Change Party candidate Aaron Turahi, swept the Endinzi Town Council mayoral elections amid heavy police deployment and alleged threats and attacks from the ruling NRM party.

Mr Turahi, who previously served as the NRM chairperson of Endinzi Sub County, last month abandoned the ruling party and crossed to FDC.

FDC’s Aaron Turahi (with phone) being congratulated by NRM’s Stephen Kangwagye

That was after he claimed rigging in the party primary elections which he lost to Elson Musiime.

On June 3rd, he crossed to the opposition party and was handed its flag to face the NRM in the elections.

He immediately hit the ground running, holding massive rallies in the town council, which culminated in his victory yesterday against the NRM flag bearer Mr. Musiime.

Winner: Aaron Turahi

On the Election Day, top NRM leaders in the district descended onto the town council to watch the polling exercise.

Some of these, who were spotted  at different polling stations of Birezi, Saano, Bijuura and Migina included; Michael Nuwagira Toyota, Aine Sodo, MP Steven Kangwagye, Jomo Mugabe and many others.

The FDC side also sent in Hon Roland Kaginda, Stanley Katembeya, Vicent Mujuni Kyamadidi and Imam Makumbi; who at one point were seen confronting NRM’s Kangwagye, accusing him of intimidating voters.

Some of the FDC leaders celebrating victory

In the end, the FDC candidate Turahi emerged triumphant, polling 1522 votes against Musiime’s 1308.

Turahi was thrilled with the election outcome.

“I had no gun; I had no police or the army like they did but the people chose me to be the mayor of Endinzi town council,” he said, promising to provide good leadership to the people of Endinzi town council.


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