FDC’s Semujju Overlooks ‘Pulse’ Report; Says Election Results have Been the Same Over the Years

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has rubbished a recent poll that was conducted by Research World International putting President Museveni in the lead as per people’s choice of a presidential candidate.

On Wednesday this week, the findings contained in the “Uganda Governance Pulse” showed that out of the 2,321 participants that were interviewed, 47% would have voted Museveni if elections were held in March.

The same polls also put ‘New Comer’ Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine in second position with 22% while the indefatigable Kiiza Besigye came third with 17 percent.

However, while appearing on the “Capital Gang” this Saturday, Ssemujju dismantled findings, saying that they were deliberately concocted to give Museveni leverage over his opponents.

Speaking today, Ssemujju said that for all the years he has been in elective politics, these polls have relayed the same results over and over again.

“The results are the same; you just have to change the years, in fact, I kept asking whether these people go and do them or they just dust off the old ones and bring them back,” he stated.

“All the polls, go and read them from 2006, at least from that time I have been active. The results are the same they just change names,” Ssemujju added.

He pointed out that such polls are a mind control technique that the National Resistance Movement (NRM), has previously employed to flimflam voters into believing that they have already won.


To illustrate his point, Ssemujju predicted that the next topic of discussion after this poll is on the structural appearance of the post 2021 cabinet.

“First there will be a story discussing who will be the next vice president in one of the daily newspapers.  And they are going to put Museveni people, Sekandi to create an impression to the public that this is done,” he pointed out.

“Then they will start another story of the speaker and then there will be Hon Kadaga and someone else from the NRM. And then you will be invited to a talk show to discuss who should be the speaker,” Semujju further stated.

On the hand, Lydia Wanyoto, the NRM Women’s League stung the Opposition for claiming to be in the lead when they cannot even sufficiently field candidates for various elective positions.

“Many times when we conclude elections, the NRM has many unopposed positions. Just a week ago when closing of nominations started we had over 67,000 villages in Uganda and we have comfortably presented candidates on every village in Uganda for the Special Interests Groups….If you don’t have grass root support, how will you get national really?” Wanyoto elaborated.

That said, Dr. Patrick Wakida, the Executive Director of WRI and an FDC card holder implored his counterpart to keenly analyze the feedback in a non-prejudicial manner.

“If you don’t consume this poll, there are people who are consuming this and for us we will go ahead and give you the numbers,” Wakida urged.


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