FDC’s Byamugisha Announces Presidential Bid

As the 2021 general elections draw near, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Moses Byamugisha today joined a in the fray, announcing that he will be considering running for president.

Byamugisha who in 2017 took a shot at the FDC presidency but was easily trounced says he intends to use this window to deliver pertinent messages that his FDC has tried to sell in vain.

Key among those, he said, is transition which he says has to happen whether President Yoweri Museveni’s National Resistance Movement want or not.

As such, he indicated that he intends kick start discussions on the viability of setting up a seven-man presidential commission to handle the Post-Museveni era and heal the huge divisions among citizens.

“When you are talking about putting a transitional government in place in a country like ours which has been deeply divided along religion, tribe and everything, you are looking at putting together a team where almost every Ugandan can see and say yes I can see myself there,” Byamugisha told press Speke Hotel in Kampala.

However, it appears that this could be a mobilization opportunity in disguise for FDC whose movements in the past two or so more years have been repulsed by police. Cognizant of this, Byamugisha intimated it is high time the party changes its mode of operation to beat this indefinite crack down.

“Right now my party members might not understand me and they are right. There is an unusual situation which necessitates us to change the way we have been operating,” he intimated.

Asked whether such overzealous behavior will not put him at loggerheads with party leaders, Byamugisha explained he has not breached any rule as far as he is concerned.


Byamugisha says he is trying to sell his candidature ahead of the National Delegates Conference where the flag bearer shall be chosen.

“As you well know the presidential flag bearer is chosen at the national delegate’s conference. A flag bearer has not been elected therefore I am not FDCs flag bearer,” he summed it up.

Asked whether Byamugisha’s candidature development is of great significance, Political analyst Charles Rwomushana pointed out that although he qualifies tremendous challenges lie ahead.

“FDC is not allowed to mobilize in Ankole which is a base of Museveni, how will you (Byamugisha) be allowed to mobilize? It’s the same farce, it’s the same stupidity. Me,I stand for no election,” Rwomushana argued.

Byamugisha who intends to run under the mantra “championing a youth led change” hails from Rukungiri which also is home to opposition king pin Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye.

He was among the initial cohort of youths that were recruited during the Reform Agenda (RA) days.

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