FDC’s Amuriat Puts East Kyoga RPC on Notice over Foiled Event at Soroti Sports Ground

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Presidential candidate Patrick Amuriat Oboi aka POA has today criticized the manner in which the East Kyoga Regional Police Commander (RPC) Maxwell Ogwel Onep “spoilt” his grand ‘homecoming’ Party.

His warning followed Onep’s refusal to permit the party access to Soroti Sports Ground, the venue that was initially scheduled to host POA’s campaign launch.

Upon arrival at about 5:00 PM, Party officials were shocked to find the place heavily barricaded by tear gas vehicles and Police pickup trucks.

Left with no option, FDC officials forced their way into the sports ground but their plan to meet supporters was foiled by security personnel who kept lobbing tear gas canisters at them.

After their efforts hit a dead end, Party officials tried to engage the RPC but he stood his ground.

In the ensuing standoff, Amuriat, who on Monday morning was tear-gassed in Jinja, vowed to sack the officer in the event that he captures state power.

“I want to tell the RPC wherever he is. Come May next year, he is a candidate for retirement,” Amuriat warned.

The event was later shifted to Soroti Mayor’s Gardens after a dialogue involving several leaders such as   Secretary General Nathan Nandala Mafabi and the Police.


Addressing supporters at Mayor’s Gardens later in the day, Amuriat urged those present to help him overturn the ‘oppressive’ National Resistance Movement (NRM) regime come January 14, 2020.

That said, he warned of dire consequences in the event that their votes are tampered with.

“If you don’t give this election a chance, Mr. Museveni, we are going to use Plan B,” Amuriat vowed.

He also promised to better the social and financial conditions of the Itesots, saying a majority of them now live as destitute citizens.

“It’s only the Elwelu’s (LT.Gen Peter) and the Ogwang’s (Peter) who continue to drum up support for the dictator,” Amuriat summed.

On his part, Wasswa Birigwa encouraged Party supporters not to give up in the due course of exercising their rights saying God is on their side.

“God is watching them (perpetrators) and one day they shall account for their sins,” Birigwa stated.

The event was attended by the Leader of Opposition (LoP) Betty Aol Ocan, Anne Adeke Ebaju the incumbent Female Youth Legislator, former Tororo Municipality Representative Geoffrey Ekanya and LOP Emeritus Wafula Oguttu among many others.

Today, the FDC campaign team will traverse Serere, Ngora and Kumi districts.



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