FDC’s Amuriat: Kassiano Wadri is Dishonest and Greedy

In what appears an escalation of the infighting in Uganda’s largest opposition party, FDC president Patrick Amuriat has described Mras “dishonest” and “greedy.”

While campaigning for Arua Municipality FDC candidate Bruce Musema on Sunday, Amuriat said Wadri should never have left his Terego County to divide the party’s vote in the by-election.

“Wadri is a very dishonest person. We were with him and other FDC members who agreed that the incumbent party candidate should serve for five years,” said Amuriat.

“Within that period, a by-election comes up, that person automatically becomes the candidate,” he added.

He wondered why Wadri had abandoned his constituency in Terego to cause confusion in Arua Municipality.

“Wadri is FDC candidate for Terego; Musema is FDC candidate in Arua Municipality. Why did he have to abandon his constituency and come to cause confusion in Arua?” he charged.

But Wadri has since told supporters that he has a right to seek leadership anywhere in Uganda.

A fiery politician, Wadri has not only pledged to diligently serve the people of Arua if elected as MP but also mobilised popular lawmakers including Bobi Wine to mobilise support for him.


Mr Nandala Mafabi, the party general secretary, did not spare Wadri: “Mr Wadri is dishonest because we agreed as a party that the candidates who contested in 2016 remain the flag bearers until 2021, so for him to come back and contest in Arua is greed.”

Mafabi and Amuriat rallying support for the FDC candidate (Courtesy photos)

Dr Besigye also said Wadri had made his contribution and should have left the municipality seat for Musema.

“Musema’s victory was stolen in 2016. He went to the High Court that did not offer him justice and he went to the Court of Appeal and instead of the court offering him justice, they ordered him to pay the people who stole his victory. Wadri should have been the person to come and wipe away the tears of the young man, instead of coming to confront him in his constituency,” Dr Besigye said.

The hotly contested election is set for this Wednesday, August 15.

The seat fell vacant following the assassination of MP Ibrahim Abiriga in June in Kawanda, Wakiso District.

The election has attracted 12 candidates. They are: Ms Nusura Tiperu (NRM), Mr Bruce Musema (FDC),  Mr Jaffar Alekua (Jeema) and Mr Kennedy Madira (DP).  Others are Independents Kassiano Wadri, Francis Elton Nyero, Sunday Anguandia,  Alfred Nyakuni, Jackson Atima, Simon Avutia, Safi Bavuga  and Robert Ejiku.

Interestingly, FDC honchos including Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu and Aruu South County MP, Odonga Otto are supporting independents.

In the NRM camp, party deputy secretary general Richard Todwong and State minister for Housing, Mr Sam Engola, spent the better of yesterday campaigning for Ms Tiperu.

President Museveni is today Monday expected to campaign for Tiperu in Arua.

NRM spokesperson, Mr Rogers Mulindwa says President Museveni will address two rallies in the two divisions of River Oli and Arua Hill.

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