FDC Youths Shun International Youth Day

Opposition FDC’s youth members didn’t take part in today’s International Youths Day.

The national celebrations were held today at St Gonzaga Gonza primary school in Kagoma, Jinja district under the theme “Transforming Education for responsible citizenship and Employment Creation”

The FDC youths however, rebuked the celebrations which they say have lost meaning.

Speaking to the press at party headquarters in Kampala today, the chairman FDC National youth league Mulindwa Walid Lubega said they decided to use this week to pay visitations to their colleagues in various jails who were detained on political grounds.

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“We have our colleagues who are incarcerated in Luzira, Kigo and Kirinya prisons that have never been tried,” he said


Meanwhile, the party spokesperson Ibrahim Semujju Nganda bashed the committee that was recently appointed by Chief Justice Bart Katureebe to probe corruption allegations in the judiciary, saying the institution should subject itself to an external investigation

“FDC urges the Judiciary to subject itself to an external investigation headed by credible people such as Prof. Fredrick Ssempebwa, Prof Fredrick Juuko, Prof Oloka Onyango and Prof Sylvia Tamale. Naming staff to investigate staff including their bosses is a cover up,” he said


He also noted  the alarming case backlog in the Courts.

“The performance of judiciary remains a big concern. There are about 140 cases pending in the Supreme Court which handled only 43 cases the whole of last year. There are 15628 cases before the Court of Appeal which handled only 598 cases last year. There are 130000 cases still pending before the high Court which handled only 12571 cases last year. There are 183771 pending cases in magistrate courts which handled only 62000 last year,” he said.


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