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FDC Warns TDA as Alliance Woes Worsen

Centenary Bank, illness the country’s largest financial institution is investigating a major hit on their Automated Teller Machine system all around the country.

Chimpreports is following lead on an alleged fraud that was orchestrated in on the bank’s Mbarara Branch during the just concluded Independence weekend, purchase in which customers lost hundreds of millions of shillings from their accounts.

At investigations get underway, the bank we have leant, has suspended all PIN codes of all customers and asked them to acquire new ones.

According to a bank employee who sought anonymity due to the gravity the matter, a sizable amount of money still unknown to the bank itself was lost in the fraud.

The source also tells us that on reviewing the CCTV footage, “some half cast individuals were seen to be withdrawing the money.”

Centenary Bank is yet to come public on this very matter. However, this morning, it suspended all customers PIN numbers, and trimmed the maximum withdraw amounts from Shs 1million to only 100,000.

When contacted on the drastic move, the bank said it is only conducting routine system maintenance on the ATMs across the country.

“We have temporarily revised the ATM withdraw amounts to a maximum of100,000/= in order to resolve a system glitch,” they revealed.


“We are therefore requesting customers to first change their PIN at any branch with a valid ID before transacting.”

Customers intending to withdraw more than 100,000 were advised visit the nearest branch and would be helped at no charge.

In a phone interaction, one of the bank’s customer attendants informed us that the bank was still unable to cast a time frame of how long this would take to resolve.

According a recently released Police report, ATM fraud makes a big component to cyber crimes taking root in the country of late.

Centenary bank over the past years has been a target of ATM fraudsters together with other banks which include Global Trust, Finance Trust, Stanbic bank, Orient bank, KCB, Barclays among others.

In January 2014, four Bulgarian nationals were sentenced to 20 years in prison after they were found guilty of ATM Fraud. These were caught with 38 ATM cards of various identities.

The Police Report also emphasizes that most of these cases are not reported to the police for fear to lose clients. The institutions prefer to compensate victims.

The new development comes only months after one of the Centenary Bank’s top managers Grace Adakun was sent to jail for stealing sh540m from the bank.

Mrs Adakum was in March this year convicted by the Anti – Corruption Court of counts of embezzlement and causing financial loss to Centenary bank.

Adakun reportedly carried out fraudulent transactions several times using ATMs and transferred funds to her children’s and other relatives’ accounts.

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has warned the opposition coalition The Democratic Alliance (TDA) against acting with partiality and unfairness while selecting a joint presidential candidate in the 2016 race.

While addressing a weekly press briefing at the party headquarters in Kampala on Monday, information pills http://debbiehowes.com/wp-content/plugins/newsletter/subscription/unsubscription.php party spokesperson, http://csnn.ca/wp-includes/default-filters.php Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda said the party shall rally behind any joint candidate who is not selected in a “transparent” manner.

“What makes us FDC is the fight against unfairness and lack of integrity; we can’t just sit down and follow someone working against our core principles,” warned Ssemujju.

The warning comes against the backdrop of reports that a mafia clique led by Rev Zac Niringiye are fronting presidential hopeful and NRM card-holding member Amama Mbabazi to lead the alliance against President Museveni.

Museveni the chairman of NRM to which Mbabazi belongs.

Interestingly, Mbabazi has since refused to disassociate himself from the ruling political party.

“We caution TDA to handle this issue with integrity,” warned Ssemujju.

He, however, assured that FDC remains willing to support a joint candidate if the process is executed with uprightness.

The FDC NEC customessaysonline.org sits on Tuesday to review its membership to TDA.

This followed a petition by Hon Jack Sabiiti to FDC seeking an extraordinary meeting, arguing that the alliance continues to exhibit double standards and publicly bend rules to favour Mbabazi.


Ssemujju said FDC has already dispatched a team of party electoral commissioners to begin collecting signature that will enable their flag-bearer Dr Besigye to represent TDA in the presidential elections.

“It is our hope and we have all confidence that our flag-bearer, Col. Kizza Besigye will win the TDA flag hence beginning to collect signatures required by the National Electoral Commission for nomination as a presidential candidate,” said Ssemujju.

“We understand that the Election Commission (EC) is working on a set time table, so we don’t have to wait.”

The party has as well commenced preparations for party primaries starting October 10 to 15 for both parliamentary and local council positions.

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