FDC Warns Museveni, MPs of ‘Battle’ over Age Limit Bill

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has vowed a “protracted political battle” should government attempt to use its influence to amend Article 102 of the Constitution with the view of allowing Museveni to seek another term as president.

Debate on the lifting of term limits to allow Museveni run again has been raging in Uganda in the last few weeks.

The NRM party leader will clock the mandatory 75 years in 2019, just two years before the general elections.

Speaking to the media at the FDC party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, Hon Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda who represented the party president, threatened political action against president Museveni and all Members of Parliament who will line behind the latter in the quest to scrap term limits.

“We warm Museveni to tame his appetite for power and whoever is willing to help him, shall become a primary target for destruction. This is a battle for not only FDC but all Ugandans,” charged Ssemujju.

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo said the recent publication of a notice in the Uganda Gazette to enable President Museveni appoint a constitutional review commission was being “vulgarized” and that “the opposition could lose debate aimed at revamping the Constitution.”

He further said “Ugandans should also watch out for scavengers looking for soft money as they raise the stakes.”

Opondo stated that “cabinet has not debated, let alone decided on any specific matters relating to which provisions should or ought to be amended.”


Interestingly, Opondo added: “Indeed the issue of age limit has been raised in various forms with many people openly urging president Museveni to stay on and complete what they deem unfinished business.”

Political parties and activists have since warned the country could take a violent path if the Constitution is tampered with again.

Ssemujju said any attempts to amend the Constitution could become “Museveni’s Waterloo”, adding, “If he doesn’t stop himself, we have got no option but force him to stop his bad activities for the betterment of the country.”

On the same occasion, the FDC announced its youth together with other opposition forces all over the country will join the movement to stop the Constitutional amendment.

FDC has called its members to contest for party positions
FDC has called its members to contest for party positions

“Together with the Shadow Youth Minister, Hon Adele Anna Ebaju, the FDC youth shall use this as a campaign to take the word of change to Universities, secondary schools, primary schools, markets and places of worship,” said FDC National Youth Chairperson, Mr Ouma Idi.

Meanwhile, FDC invited interested persons to pick nomination forms for different party positions starting today July 10 till August 15, 2017.

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