FDC Warns Members Against Campaigning for Independents

The opposition FDC has Monday warned party members against supporting candidates who have not been endorsed by the party leadership in the various by-elections across the country, more about particularly the Madi-Okollo, dosage West Nile and Kyadondo East by-elections.

While addressing the media yesterday at their weekly press conference at their Najjanankumbi headquarters, thumb Paul Mwiru, the party deputy spokesperson cited the party constitution, which spells punishment for members that go against the decisions of the NEC.

The warning followed reports of an ongoing press conference in Kitezi, Kyadondo East by some party members to to  while the official press conference was concurrently taking place at Najjanankumbi.

Mwiru also addressed one Muwada Nkunyingi, who after being denied the party flag for the Kyaddondo race, decided to run on an independent ticket. He said Mr Muwada’s actions meant that he is no longer an FDC member.

He therefore called upon party members to line behind their candidates Apollo Kantinti  (Kyaddondo) and John Almadri for Mado Okollo constituency

At the same retreat, the party announced resumption of the nationwide retreats on post 2016 election review; starting in Arua on June 8th.


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