FDC Threaten to Form Militia Ahead of Rukungiri By-election

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change  (FDC) have petitioned the Electoral Commission (EC) Chaired by Justice Simon Byabakama over election irregularities.

The party Spokesperson, Ibrahim Semujju Nganda told the media at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi that they have written to EC seeking a meeting to iron out issues ahead of the oncoming by election in Rukungiri and the next election cycles.

“You remember what happened in Jinja, at one time; we had more soldiers and policemen nearly more than the people. We don’t want a similar thing to happen in Rukungiri by-elections,” Nganda said.

“We want to meet the EC to register our displeasure at the casual way they are conducting elections but also put them on notice that if they fail to stop Museveni from deploying the military and police to intimidate and arrest people the way they did in Jinja, we as a party might be forced to form our own parallel militia of Ugandans who will go to police elections,” Nganda threatened.

Nganda said the letter was received by EC and they hope that the meeting will happen this week in preparations for the forth coming elections.

Nganda accused EC for failure to prevail against President Museveni who they accuse of involving himself in early campaigns in Rukungiri when he went and gave out a number of valuable items to the resident in the area.

“How can they allow a chairman of the party after announcing that there will be an election in Rukungiri to carry bodabodas and then they claim that he was performing his duties as the head of state,” Nganda wondered.

“We thought before we go into the other cycle of elections in the new districts and municipalities, we need to meet the electrol commission and put it to them, if they are overwhelmed by Museveni, we will help them and Rukungiri and other areas will serve as an example.”



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