FDC Supporters Assaulted in Iganga By-election Campaigns

Several Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) supporters were yesterday brutally assaulted by unidentified goons for participating in the Iganga by-election campaigns.

FDC youth mobiliser Zeridah Kakayi, who is closely following the proceedings said that;

“Yesterday thugs armed with pangas and sticks attacked people who were coming from Naigaga’s campaign, leaving them with several wounds.”

She added that “Similar to other past elections the regime applies different uncouth methods to win elections; for example Voter bribery, intimidation, rigging etc.”

The assaulted, who were rushed to Iganga main hospital for medical attention, are supporters of FDC candidate for Woman Member of Parliament seat Mariam Natale Naigaga.

Kakayi revealed that the victims were attacked but cops who were around looked on as the FDC supporters were being clobbered.

Iganga Woman MP Seat became vacant following the death of Hailat Khauda, who died as a result of pregnancy complications in July this year.

The polling date is September 14th, 2017.


Stiff completion is between FDC candidate Naigaga and NRM’s Brenda Asinde.

Other contestants are Mariam Nakato (Independent), Aziza Kakerewe (Independent) and Olivia Kwagala Mawanda.

However, this violence comes just a few days after a vehicle knocked down many people who were coming from Naigaga’s rallies, killing one of them.

Assaulted FDC Supporters in hospital
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