FDC Rubbishes Opinion Poll

As Uganda prepares for 2015/16 elections, order leaders and stakeholders in greater Bushenyi districts have been urged to remove religion and cultural differences out of politics if the region is to have free and fair elections in 2016.

The call was made by the special presidential assistant for general duties in charge of Buhweju affairs, approved Mrs. Alison Ayetoraniire while addressing stakeholders in Bushenyi greater at a meeting organized by Ekimeeza group at Bushenyi guest house on Saturday.

Ayetoraniire said as the electioneering period draws nearer, abortion leaders and prospective candidates at all levels need to first identify issues affecting the development of their areas before seeing who comes from which region and tribe.

Citing what characterized previous elections, Ayetoraniire added that the electorates are now enlightened about what should be done and they will vote wisely by voting right leaders not those who choose to divide them along religious lines.

Ayetoraniire who has been instrumental in offering services like telecommunication links, seedlings, health to the people in the hard to reach areas of Buhweju and behind the Buhweju Digest-a souvenir that was issued at the 2014Tarehe Sita celebrations – explained that Buhweju is a development-Hungry area and it needs visionary leaders who won’t ride it alongside divisions but rather engineer development of the households.

Mr. Pison Mugizi, the chairperson of Ekimeeza Group urged politicians and community members to make good use of available forums where society issues can be learnt and sorted out amicably; to have a more civilized community ready for development as time goes by.

The meeting resolved that unity is for all and no society can develop along religion and tribal lines when it has people of diverse cultures thereby vowing to ensure peaceful and fair elections come 2016.

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has rubbished results of an opinon polls published in media today about people’s views on the 2016 presidential elections.


The Poll purportedly places incumbent President Museveni against all opposition leaders, website including former Prime Minister Hon Amama Mbabazi.

Speaking at a press conference at the party headquarters, the party spokesperson, John Kikonyogo noted that the poll “could not be authenticated and thus deserved not to be taken seriously by any upright thinking citizen.”

“How can an authentic research report be evaluated and results published in just after two weeks, is that time enough since the research was conducted in December 22nd,” Kikonyogo noted.

Kikonyogo said the polls might have been made from one’s house and results released for their own intended reasons well known to them.

“We shall not be off tracked by such fake reports but we shall continue with our country wide grassroots mobilization and election of our representative.”

“We inform all Ugandans that we are still in good position to take over the leadership of this country and we are working hard to provide an option to Ugandans.’

According to the Ipsos and Daily Monitorpoll, if elections were held today, Museveni would win a fifth term by 57, while FDC former president Col Kizza Besigye would manage only 8 percent, Mbabazi 5 percent.

Ipsos is a reputable global market research company with headquarters in Paris.

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