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FDC Ridicules NRM on Chaotic Party Primaries

President Yoweri Museveni has been blamed for the chaos and intolerance exhibited in the ongoing National Resistance Movement party primaries, look buy http://ccsa.edu.sv/ccsa/templates/corporative/warp/helpers/data.php expected to peak next Wednesday.

Michael Kabaziguruka, website like this the FDC deputy Electoral Commissioner told journalists at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi that the genesis of the problem in NRM was the passing of the Kyankwanzi resolution that president Museveni would be the sole candidate for the party without running primaries on him.

“This sole candidature syndrome was transferred to all other NRM incumbents who do not want to be contested at any time. Museveni’s colleagues also felt worth to remain sole candidates, online ” Kabaziguruka said.

Kabaziguruka observed that the ruling party’s failure of to organize free and fair primaries was part of the fruits of the said resolution.

“You have all seen what has happened with our opponents in the NRM, they have failed to organize primaries; even at the lower level where they anticipated some ease, it has all been a mess.”

“We have severally told this country that you cannot give what you don’t have; NRM cannot give this country democracy because they don’t have it. To them democracy is a phrase in the dictionary and not part of their DNA, it is alien to them.”

Kabaziguruka noted that even if Dr. Tanga Odoi was removed as the party Electoral Commission Chairman, democracy is not in built in their system.

“They can postpone the party primaries to next year, but they will not be able to do it democratically; they are postponing the inevitable.


Kabaziguruka prophesied that after tomorrow, the country should expect to see two factions of the NRM rising out of the chaos, one led by Museveni and the other group will join Go Forward.

To avoid similar chaos within FDC, he said, the party resolved to get its flag bearers through consensus.

“Our leaders have been understanding and have opted for consensus; there are one or two areas where primaries may not be avoided but we shall still address them peacefully.”

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