FDC, NRM Accused of Beating Basalirwa Supporters in Bugiri

The campaign team of majority joint opposition candidate for Bugiri Municipality Member of Parliament, Asuman Basalirwa has accused the members of the FDC and NRM of constantly attacking and as assaulting his supporters.

In a statement released on Tuesday morning, Basalirwa’s team claimed the two political parties are being aided by police to unleash untold violence on the Jeema candidate’s agents and officials.

“Since the start of campaigns, we have experienced continuous assault on our supporters by known supporters of FDC and NRM,” part of the statement signed by campaign team spokesman Sentongo Abdulnoor Kyamundu said.

He noted that police is not helping to address the matter but instead siding with the two parties at the expense of Basalirwa team.

“We have repeatedly reported the matters to police but nothing has been done. Just yesterday three members of our camp were attacked and beaten seriously,” he noted.

A one Bosco was allegedly stabbed in the stomach and when the matter was reported to police, it was unfortunately labelled robbery.

“Bosco was stabbed in the stomach and intestines came out. The matter was reported to police and to our surprise, police labelled the incident a simple robbery.”

The statement mentioned the DPC Bugiri and his junior officers for not acting to contain the violent FDC and NRM.


“Police has kept a deaf ear and instead, the DPC is all over the media demonising our camp.”

The Basalirwa team composed of his party JEEMA, Democratic Party, Uganda Peoples Congress and opposition leaning independents, have now written to the IGP, Okoth Ochola seeking for his intervention.

“We have officially written to Inspector General of Police complaining about the manner in which his police officers conduct themselves in the Bugiri municipality elections.”

They have also appealed to the Electoral Commission to take charge of the activities in Bugiri.

“We ask the Electoral Commission to get in charge of the elections because we can’t allow such acts to continue.”

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