FDC: MPs Taking Bribes to Support Age Limit Amendment

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has accused some Members of Parliament (MP) of being compromised so as to support the controversial age limit Amendment Bill which was tabled by Nakifuma legislator, and Robert Kafero Ssekitoleko last week.

The FDC party spokesperson, Ibrahim Semujju Nganda told the media on Monday in Najjanankumbi that he has all the necessary evidence to the effect that some MPs are being used to bribe their fellow legislators so they can rally behind they can back the amendment. The Bill seeks to extend the retirement age for judges and repeal term limits to Electoral Commission officials.

Semujju noted that it is ‘shameful’ that law makers are being used against their conscience by accepting bribes as low as Ugshs 500,000.

“I challenge anyone who wants me to give names at an appropriate time. I will release the names of these MPs. If the Bill is in the interest of the country, then why use bribes?” Semujju said.

He observed that on the surface of the said bill, it looks as though it’s a matter of one MP (Ssekitoleko) but the President is hiding under the guise.

“Mr. Museveni and his group that he may hide but we see his hands all over this motion in Parliament,” Semujju said.

According to Semujju, it makes no sense to extend the retirement age for judges when all the other civil servants maintain a 60 year age limit.

“In almost each and every country, there is an age at which people are supposed to retire from public service. In Uganda, it is 60 with the exception of the judges who retire at 70. Now someone is suggesting that they should serve for an extra 5 years. What about the rest of civil servants?”


He alluded to President Museveni’s remarks years ago suggesting amidst the growing population of young people, civil servants’ cap of service should be cut from 60 to 50.

“We are concerned as a party and our own finding is that Museveni is hiding under Ssekitoleko but ultimately their move is that when Parliament begins considering that Bill, at some point, the removal of age limit for the President will be introduced.”

Semujju has challenged judges more so the Chief Justice to come out and openly denounce this proposal because it touches their moral status.



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