FDC Leaders Reject Resignation of Colleague Who Quit Party to Join Muntu

Drama ensued at Hilltop Hotel in Kabale as the Forum for Democratic Change members rejected the official handover of Bonny Tumuranzye, the party secretary who recently quit the party to join Rtd. Major General Gregory Mugisha Muntu’s New Formation.

Tumuranzye on Wednesday was set to hand over the office to the Kabale FDC chairperson Lydia Turyahumura, but controversy arose after some members rejected his handover citing irregularities in the procedure.

In his resignation speech to the FDC members, Tumuranzye said his decision to quit was inevitable.

“Comrades in the struggle, I wish to inform you and the entire public especially the party members that following the current situation in FDC party and given the conditions, different ideologies and approach for purpose of logical flexibility and harmonious co-existence in the political struggle against the bad regime,I am unable to continue offering my services but to resign,” said Tumuranzye.

Lydia Turyahumura the Kabale FDC Chairperson

As soon as he finished delivering his resignation speech, some of the district party leaders rose up challenging the resignation procedure, with some questioning why he didn’t hand over the materials in his office.

“Madam Chairperson I would like to ask the resigning Secretary General why I don’t see the computer that was given to us,” said one of the members Jacenta Tinzarwa

The tempers were however cooled down by the former Kabale municipality mayor Dr. Pius Ruhemurana who said that Tumuranzye still had time to hand over the office equipment.

Tumuranzye was then asked to leave the hall for members to continue meeting.


Outside, he accused the party members of failing to consider his request to handover office yet they had invited him to do so.

“FDC does not have an office in Kabale district, so they invited me to this hotel to have my resignation and handover, but to my shock they are asking me to wait and handover from office which is not in existence,” he said.

Tumuranzye, who says since he was appointed has been operating from his home, noted that he couldn’t remain in party that has no vision from grassroots.


“I think where I am going we have a better plan but with the confusion I have left in FDC, I pray that they should work on their issues and build their structures,” he said.

He promised to take the office tools rejected by members to police in order to avoid losing them.

Later on Richard Muhanguzi the Former Kabale Municipality Speaker was elected as the new FDC secretary general to replace Tumuranzye.

Tumuranzye has been in office for about one year and three months since he was elected on 4th August 2017 replacing Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha the Kabale Municipality Mayor as the party secretary general in Kabale.

Dr. Joseph Tindyebwa, the Deputy Secretary General in charge of Policy and research welcomed Tumuranzye’s resignation saying that his presence in the party had not caused any positive impact.

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