FDC Leaders Meet to Decide on Attending IPOD Summit

Opposition Forum for Democratic Forum (FDC) leadership is slated to hold a deliberative meeting to assess whether it is still relevant for the party to attend or stay in the Inter party organization for dialogue (IPOD).

The opposition party is unhappy with the fact that last week through IPOD, government promised that police would tone down its rough approach toward the opposition but this still continues.

“Days ago all parties under IPOD met with the government led by the prime minister. The parties and government agreed that the are some gaps that need to be bridged as quick as possible. So they set a committee led by the secretary generals,” noted FDC spokesman John Kikonyogo.

“What is so disturbing is despite the reassurances of the prime minister, the police is still doing the same thing”.

This comes on the backdrop of numerous confrontations with police rotating around eligibility to hold public gatherings.

The latest incidents occurred in Kitgum and Lira districts where attempts were made by police to stop opposition strongman Dr. Kizza Besigye and FDC party president from addressing a string of public gatherings.

Kikonyogo revealed that under the (IPOD) flagship, the party has already petitioned Prime Minister Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda concerning this issue.

Kikonyogo says that Rugunda in a meeting held last week with political party representatives admitted inconsistencies within the Public Order Management Act (POMA) which he together with colleagues promised to amend.


“As a party we have decided that as soon as possible we are going to hold an emergency NEC meeting to chart a way forward. In a few days’ time there is going to be another summit, FDC is supposed to attend but we are going to hold an emergency meeting to decide whether it is still useful to go to such meetings”, Kikonyogo adds

Alternatively, he said the party may resort to holding multiple meetings with the aim of exhausting police’s energies.

“If they don’t change we will be forced to hold let us say 100 meetings in consultation with other political parties and see whether they will be able to break them. We are going to spread them thin”, he elaborates.

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