FDC Hits Government on Mbabazi Return

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has scoffed at government and President Yoweri Museveni for the extreme deployment of both Military and Police a long Entebbe Road yesterday in anticipation of the return of the former Prime Minister, healing Amama Mbabazi.

“The money spent on these deployments is wastage of tax payer’s money and would have helped Ugandans dying in hospitals due to poor health services in the country, tadalafil ” observed the party publicity secretary, cheap Ibrahim Ssemujju Ganda.

“The heavy deployment is an expression of high level of panic by president Museveni and an act of human rights violation,” Ssemujju added.

Police however reiterated that the deployment was not related to the return of the presidential hopeful Amama Mbabazi but a response to a terror alert that were issued a day before.

A relatively smaller Police squad escorted the former Premier on Monday afternoon from Entebbe airport to his Home in Kololo.


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