FDC Finally Announces Its Proposal On Joint Presidential Candidate

The biggest opposition party, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has at last disclosed its proposal regarding all opposition forces lining up a single presidential candidate in the 2021 general elections.

The idea of a single candidate against President Museveni was initiated by opposition Democratic Party (DP)’s President Nobert Mao but so far has only been embraced by Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) headed by former Army Commander Gen Mugisha Muntu.

Recently, Mao expressed disappointment over opposition parties’ failure to welcome the idea.

On Monday, the spokesperson of FDC Ibrahim Semujju Nganda communicated his party’s side and said that the opposition forces should select eminent leaders who are not interested in standing and assign them the responsibility of how opposition can arrive at joint presidential candidate.

“For democracy seeking forces to be able to arrive at a joint presidential candidate in a most transparent manner, we need to engage and involve eminent leaders in Uganda who are not interested in standing.”

“The moment you leave it to political parties’ heads and candidates, they will go there seeking to advantage themselves and therefore you will have same problems like you had in TDA, IPC. You will have meetings for 3 months and then you leave the way you came,” Nganda said.

“Therefore, the proposal of FDC is that we first sit together and select people who are not interested in standing for president and then we assign them the responsibility of guiding political parties and all opposition on how they can arrive at a joint candidate at all levels,” said Semujju.

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