FDC Ex Mayor Ruhemura Implicated in Housing Scandal

Former Kabale Municipality Mayor Dr Pius Ruhemurana (FDC) has been implicated in the fraudulent allocations of plots in the Kabale Housing Estates, physician by the Inspector General of Government’s report.

The report follows several people who were residing in the Kabale Housing Estate petitioning the office of the IGG in 2013, store alleging that the allocation of plots in the estate was marred by irregularities.

They further alleged that the Kabale municipality Deputy Town clerk Lauben Ntegyereize, viagra dosage had enriched himself out of illegal sale of the plots in Kabale municipality and acquired a number of properties.

IGG Irene Mulyagonja Kakooza in her report dated 11th October 2016 indicates that Dr.  Ruhemurana constituted an illegal verification committee that verified 51 of the 55 identified sitting tenants.

The Kabale Municipal Council Executive Committee reportedly approved the purported allocation of the estate plots to sitting tenants by the illegal verification committee.

The report indicates that some tenants like Safina Ahumuza and Molly Tumushabe were unjustifiably denied the plots on which their respective former residences were situated.

The report also shows that plots were irregularly leased by the council without following the established procedures rendering this leasing a nullity.

It however cleared Town Clerk Ntegyereize of allegations of enrichment saying that his assets were verified and found to be within his financial means.


Mulyagonja has instructed Town Clerk to immediately constitute a technical committee to validate the verification of the 55 sitting tenants and also validation of the number and location of plots and ensure that they are accounted for.

She also says that the contracts committee should re-allocate the plots for easing to sitting tenants and in the so doing they should ensure that  Ahumuza and Katushabe are allocated their respective plots.

The report adds that council contracts committee leases plots to all the former sitting tenants as verified and also it disposes all the remaining plots as law mandates.

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