FDC Electoral Commission Hits Back as Dissident Nabilah

In what appears a move to elucidate his role in the NRA guerrilla struggle that saw President Museveni take power in 1986, information pills former Prime Minister and presidential hopeful Amama Mbabazi has claimed having coordinated the historic attack on Kabamba barracks.

Mbabazi is contemplating standing for president in 2016. However, click his role in the NRA struggle seems not to have been properly brought to the fore.

In his book, Sowing the Mustard Seed, Museveni does not talk of Mbabazi having carried out a reconnaissance mission before the NRA guerrillas struck Kabamba.

But Mbabazi explains in his latest social media update how he coordinated one of the most daring surprise offensives executed by the rebel outfit.

“The fraudulent elections of December 1980 saw former president, Milton Obote once again come to power. I and many others saw this election as an early warning sign of the new regime’s anti-democratic tendencies and it’s this singular event that birthed the NRA and NRM,” recounts Mbabazi, who is also writing a book about his struggles.

“On February 5th, 1981, I (together with the late Sam Magara and the late Akanga Byaruhanga) led a reconnaissance mission to prepare for the events the NRA had planned for February 6th,” said Mbabazi.

“On that day NRA fighters attacked Kabamba Barracks and obtained additional guns for the guerrilla war that was to ensue. Remarkably, this would be the second liberation war to be fought in Uganda in under a decade. The raid on Kabamba meant that the environment would become even more dangerous for Ugandans and for my family,” he added.

Kabamba is a sacred symbol of the NRA revolution considering that an attack on the facility by Museveni’s guerrillas on February 6, 1981 marked the beginning of a protracted struggle that would later topple the dictatorships of Milton Obote and later Idi Amin.


Mbabazi narrated that very soon after the events of February 6th, his home was raided by Obote’s soldiers and his children held hostage at gun-point for four days.

“Neither my wife nor I were at home. At the time, I was working in Kampala under concealment and mobilising NRA soldiers to go the bush. Jacqueline, upon hearing the news that Obote’s soldiers had surrounded comrade Enid Kanyengyeyo’s home across the street, had fled to James Musinguzi Garuga’s house nearby with Eriya Kategaya in tow,” said Mbabazi.

“It was this raid on my home, coupled with other events, that forced my family into exile. First, the family went to Nairobi (mid 1981) and eventually Sweden (1983). In Nairobi, we started the External Wing which coordinated the activities of NRM/NRA outside Uganda and in the rest of the world.”
In a bid to step up national security, sildenafil Police on Monday commenced training for three thousand constables at Kabalye Police Training School

According to Police spokesperson Fred Enanga, cure these officers will attend a course spanning nine to twelve months and are hoped to help the force in bridging the manpower gap.

He further revealed that the exercise will include cadets from South Sudan, side effects who will be trained in a number of skills and techniques in fulfillment of a bilateral agreement which was signed by Uganda and the neighboring country.

Enanga added that the South Sudanese officers came after Uganda has finalized training Police officers from Rwanda as well as reviewing the training of Somalis Police officers.
As the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) grassroots elections come to the end, pharm the party is experiencing several petitions from different party members over the increased irregularities that have infested the entire exercise.

Addressing a weekly press conference at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, viagra approved the party Electoral Commission Chairman, viagra sale Dan Mugarura stated that the party grassroots elections that are ending by Wednesday have faced a lot of challenges especially in Kampala.

“The commission is currently handling several petitions but we wish to handle them as a family, emphasizing consensus and building harmony among members,” Mugarura told the press.

On the same note, Mugarura attacked FDC leader, Nabilah Naggayi Sempala who took to the media spilling all elections irregularities within Kampala.

“It is absurd that her personal interests are overriding the interests of the party; we understand during times of elections, many people tend to field structures that are agreeable to them with the aim of achieving some electoral positions.”

“We have a mechanism of handling such irregularities; let her petition the process other than running to the media that will give no solution.”

Mugarura ruled out resigning as the party EC chairman for failure to organize free and fair elections, noting that there are no petitions against him as an individual but rather the process which isn’t enough evidence to cause him step down from the position.

He further revealed that unlike other party’s Delegates Conferences (DC) that have been taking place in Namboole Stadium, this year’s special DC will be held from UMA Show grounds main exhibition hall on Friday, June 12.

He observed that there are 35 positions ready for contestation which include among others; four slots of Vice President, party chairperson and four slots for deputies, General Treasury and three slots for deputies, Legal advisor, party Mobilizer and Chairman Electoral Commission.

“All interested candidates will be picking nomination forms on Tuesday, June 9 from where EC will compile and thereafter draw a list.”





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