‘FDC Cannot Replace Museveni with Mbabazi’

Hi, cost http://coupon-ads.com/wp-includes/bookmark-template.php my name is Edmund Kagire, more about http://cjs.coop/wp/wp-includes/functions.wp-date.php a 32 year old Rwandan currently living in Kigali, Rwanda, Africa. I am a journalist by profession.

I am married to Linda Mbabazi and we have two beautiful daughters Leona & Laura. I was recently diagnosed with Liver Cancer, about two weeks ago after weeks of ill health.

This is probably a long story but I urge you to read to the bottom.

It all started with what was like a normal stomach upset or food poisoning on Sunday, August, 02, 2015 after a light dinner. My stomach got uncomfortable through the night and by the next day, the pain had intensified, particularly shifting to my right side below the diaphragm.

I went to see a doctor who gave me some pain relief meds. However on the third day, the pain had become more excruciating. I went back to see the doctor who decided to check my organs. Using ultra sound, he was able to figure out that my liver was swollen and he could easily see the tumor on the computer screen.

He sent me to another hospital to do a CT scan, which was done by King Faisal Hospital in Kigali on August 05. While the CT scan confirmed the tumor, it could not precise the exact location-saying it’s either on the liver or grand colon.

On August 06, I did an MRI scan which this time gave us the details of the tumor, location and size. All this time I was in excruciating pain. To confirm the nature of the tumor, a biopsy was performed on August 12 and the specimen was sent abroad for assessment.

The histology results came back on September 04 indicating that there was Hepatocellular Carcinoma, in other words Liver Cancer. The news shocked me, my wife and entire family. I had never exhibited any signs of pain before save for occasional stomach upsets.


It was difficult for me to digest. At only 32, with my eldest daughter making 3 in December and the youngest just 1 year and 4 months, I felt like my life had been cut short all of a sudden. Everything came to a grinding halt. In a matter of days, my weight spiralled from 96Kgs to 86Kgs, it could be less now.


I lost hope and felt there was nothing more left for me in this world. The more I read stuff on the internet, the more my hope for survival dwindled.

On September 8, I met the King Faisal Hospital Oncologist who briefed me about the mode of treatment and gave me assurances that my chances of survival are high, if something is done urgently.

However, Rwanda being a third world country, the proposed procedures cannot be performed locally. I will need to go to another country.

The Doctor said the safest method would be TACE (Chemoembolisation) and Liver resection later given the size of the tumor. The tumor on my liver is 12.6cm and usually resection is done on tumours less than 8cm.

In my case, they will have to shrink the tumor first and remove it later, after a month or so of killing off cancerous cells. It’s a traumatising, time consuming, costly but efficient method to deal with the cancer. The good thing it has not spread outside the tumor. It is still moderately differentiated.

Considering that this cannot be done in Rwanda, I am planning to go to India as soon as possible so that this can be done and I will, by God’s grace, recover 100% and live to see my daughters grow.

I have contacted several Indian hospitals inquiring about the procedures and how much both procedures would cost and I will need not less than $23,000 to pull through. I don’t have this money at the moment and the procedures should be done as soon as possible.

This is just to appeal to anyone out there who help in any way possible so that I can atleast can go for this treatment in a month time.

I am kindly appealing to you to help me live another day to see my girls grow. Do it for Leona & Laura.

This is not one of those scams; I can be reached on kagire_eddie@yahoo.com for more information.

I look forward to hear from you and most importantly your contribution to this cause. I thank you in advance.

Kind Regards

Edmund Kagire
A prominent FDC activist has ruled out the possibility of supporting former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi to lead The Democratic Alliance (TDA) against President Museveni, visit http://coparmex.org.mx/wp-includes/class-wp-taxonomy.php deepening cracks in the crumbling opposition-leaning coalition ahead of the 2016 elections.

Joseph Tumushabe, http://codefor.asia/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-list-table.php a former lecturer at Makerere University said fronting Mbabazi would be reminiscent of the deals cut by politicians in the 1980s which did not bear fruit.

“We shall not replace a dictatorship of Museveni with that of Mbabazi. We have learnt our lessons,” said Tumushabe, a respected FDC ideologue.

“We shall not accept NRM – DP 1986 deals by politicians. Above all, we are not as weak as the political class and civil society think we are. We know what we want and we shall get it,” he added.

The latest comments come high on the heels of mounting pressure on TDA officials to avoid what activists describe as acts of favouritism and manipulation of the alliance’s processes to favour a specific candidate.

There are concerns that TDA leaders particularly Zac Niringiye, JEEMA’s Asuman Basalirwa and Godber Tumushabe are quietly fronting Mbabazi to lead the coalition against Museveni in 2016.

The FDC spokesperson Ibrahim Nganda said at the party’s weekly press conference in Kampala on Monday that the main opposition political organisation would not tolerate any irregularities in the process of selecting a joint flag-bearer.

Godber recently told this website that members from different political parties and eminent persons would sit to choose the joint flag-bearer by consensus.


But FDC officials have since expressed fears that TDA is bending rules to favour Mbabazi, citing the postponement of the duration for the return of nomination papers last week.

Tumushabe today said “Uganda was in existence before Zac’s fundraising,” adding, “It will be there long after donor funds.”

The FDC intellectual who lives in South Africa said “Rev. Zac needs to tread very carefully. Those people in the Opposition who support FDC and other parties are there because they rejected bribery money.”

The continuous attacks on Niringiye underscore the growing frustration within opposition in regard to how TDA is conducting its business.

Tumushabe said Mbabazi needs to come with a “comprehensive program for Uganda that gives people power rather than consolidate it in his hold and an unconditional and unreserved apology to Ugandans for his personal errors of judgement and actions or failures to act when the majority of Ugandans expected much better from him.”

The FDC ideologue further rooted for a clean approach and fresh start to politics that includes acceptance of open competition void of tricks.

“Otherwise, he (Mbabazi) may as well remain with NRM. That’s what NRM is really made off, arrogance and tricks.”

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