FDC Calls for Investigations into Deportation of Refugees to Uganda by Israel

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has appealed to Parliament to set up independent investigations into claims that Government of Uganda entered into a mutual contract with that of Israel to host their refugees in Uganda.

The party Spokesperson, Ibrahim Semujju Nganda told the media on Monday that the claims are serious and need to be investigated because this is a gross violation of human rights.

Semujju says the refugee crisis in the country currently is rising because the people managing the sector have turned it into a business.

“Yesterday I met two MPs from Israel, a one Michael Rosine and Mossi Raza; they were in Uganda after a short visit to Rwanda and the reason they came was because they are investigating reports of Israel secretly deporting refugees into Uganda and Rwanda,” Semujju revealed.

He says the legislators were wondering why Israel that only has 40, 000 refugees mostly from Africa would deport some to Uganda given their big economy that could handle them especially the asylum seekers.

It is said that Uganda entered an agreement with Israel to host the deportees, an agreement that would see the country receive upkeep for the refugees ranging from $3,500 for each refugee.

This arrangement has earlier on been denied by the State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Okello Oryem who said there is no written agreement or any form of agreement to accept refugees from Israel.

“As we talk now, we don’t know whether the people are being brought by UNHCR, we don’t know what their status would be, whether they are to be given citizenship or confined in camps like other refugees,” Semujju remarked.


The party spokesperson revealed that the Israeli legislators are set to file a court case against the Government of Uganda and that of Israel in the respective countries given the information that they have so far gathered that points to violation of human rights.

Semujju also attributed the mismanagement of the refugee sector in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) to advanced age of the heads of the ministry.

“You have heard of stories of refugees being trafficked especially young girls against their will and also the falsification of numbers; I have a feeling that may be this sector under OPM is not properly supervised because it is headed by people of advanced age.”

“My friend Rugunda is almost making 70 years and his deputies, Moses Ali and Ali Kirunda Kivaijinja are all of advanced age. These are the individuals who are supposed to supervise the Ministry responsible for monitoring government businesses.”

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