FDC Blames NRM for Skipping IPOD State House Meeting

The Forum for Democratic Change has accused National Resistance Movement for failing the Inter-Party Organization on Dialogue.

FDC didn’t attend the organization’s meeting convened by President Yoweri Museveni at State House on Sunday.

The opposition party’s Spokesman, Ibrahim Semujju Nganda told journalists at FDC headquarters on Monday that Museveni, as the NRM leader, has never submitted himself to IPOD activities.

“As you recall, IPOD started in 2011 but for the whole duration the NRM leader or commander in chief or whatever title he wants to call himself has never subjected and submitted to the IPOD’s memorandum of understanding,” said Semujju.

Semujju noted that it was a mistake for President Museveni to convene the meeting at State House Entebbe instead of NRM headquarters Kyadondo.

“State House is not the NRM headquarter but also, Museveni can only attend IPOD as a leader of NRM not as a President of Uganda,” noted Ssemujju.

“Entebbe as we aware is not the headquarters of NRM. The moment the meeting is hosted by Museveni as President of Uganda, then the FDC cannot be party to such a meeting.”

FDC outlined conditions to be met for the party to attend the agreed bigger meeting of IPOD scheduled for December 2018.


“Museveni must come as a leader of NRM; the meeting must be conducted in a neutral place and we must together generate the Agenda. FDC cannot come and then be addressed as if we are an NRM organ by an NRM Chairman.”

The party is however interested in the outcomes of the Entebbe meeting.

“We hope to speak to our colleagues for them to brief us about what happened in Entebbe probably this week,” concluded Semujju.

It should also be noted that FDC skipped the welcome ceremony of JEEMA to IPOD, an organization of parties represented at Parliament.

JEEMA’s Asuman Basalirwa defeated FDC candidate in hotly contested Busia municipality elections.

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