FDC Accuses Kato Lubwama of ‘Exaggerated Self Importance’

FDC’s Deputy Secretary General, click http://chuckatuckhistory.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sync/class.jetpack-sync-module-network-options.php Harold Kaija has warned Rubaga South Member of Parliament (MP), information pills Paul Kato Lubwama against mixing the opposition party in his academic failures.

Kaija told the media on Monday that the MP’s accusations against the party for his current battles are baseless and unfounded.

Kato Lubwama is currently battling a court case challenging his academic qualifications filed by FDC’s Habib Buwembo.

Lubwama has continuously asserted that he is being fought by FDC’s 2016 presidential candidate, Kiiza Besigye and the party whip, Ibrahim Semuju Nganda for his stand against the defiance campaign.

Kaija noted, “The agenda of FDC doesn’t stop at a single constituency but the liberation of the entire country; we can never at any one time put our focus at a single constituency.”

“You see these kinds of people who try to inflate their importance and what to get political capital out of the FDC can never take our time. We don’t have time to waste on anybody who is not a problem to our struggle,” Kaija said.

Kaija observed that, “Our party is a party of democracy; we can’t stop legitimate activities of our individual members.”

“People shift their weaknesses; they want to widen the scope without sorting their issues in the constituency. Our target is State House and after gaining it, we shall be able to fix many things to do with the loops in the education system.”



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