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Father Jailed For Defiling Own Daughter

High Court Judge Alex Ajiiji yesterday sentenced to 15 years in jail a 40 year old man for defiling his biological daughter.

Musa Lutaaya was convicted on his own guilty plea after he confessed that he slept with his 13 year old daughter.

Lutaaya asked court to give him a lenient sentence on grounds that he didn’t waste court’s time.

Justice Ajiji ruled however, that although Lutaaya did not waste court’s time by pleading guilty, he deserved a deterrent sentence to prevent other fathers and would-be offenders from committing the same offences.

The judge added that Lutaya misused his role as a father who was supposed to protect his daughter from that kind of abuse.

The victim says her father first forced her to drink Empire Waragi, which weakened her before he forced himself on her.

Prosecution states that the offence was committed during the month of February in 2015 at Kito zone, Matugga in Wakiso district.

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