Fashion Trend: Bike Shorts Hit Kampala Streets

These days every lady in Kampala owns a Bike short for either working out in the gym or wearing beneath their petit dress.

Bike shorts were prominent in the early 80s and 90s and were commonly worn by the then celebrities

Before you jump on the trend, a bike short is a skintight knee length shorts made of a stretch fabric of a kind originally designed to be worn by cyclists.

They are made to keep your thighs from chafing under dresses and pants.

No matter how you choose to wear it, the bike short is one of the trends, which you will need to jump on and worry less about your outfit and party even more.

Below are some of the ways to rock it without making it look so sporty.

With a crop Top

Crop tops might not be trendy but cladding it with a bike short, will make it look chicky and nice, especially a girl’s night out or her free time.

Such a crop top could bring out your look

Crop tops are one of the few clothes that never go wrong with anything.

With a blazer

Adding a blazer to your outfit changes a big deal and wearing it with the bike shorts, will bring out the ultra-cool, city slicker feel, which requires less effort.

With a lace dress

We all know lace allows you to show more skin and is mostly avoided because of that, however adding a bike shirt beneath it, would reduce on the risks.

With snickers

Yes snickers are back and are here to take us through the year. Adding snickers on your biker shorts may make it look sporty, but still class according to where you are heading to. Snickers are not only comfortable but they also look trendy and simple.

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