Farm Implement Dealers Reap Big as People Turn to Agriculture during Covid19 Shutdown

Agro-input dealers in the norther Gulu town are currently reaping big as a result of the lockdown as most people continue to turn to farming as a means of survival.

Dealers in hand-hoes, Agro-chemicals, tractor for hires among others have seen the demand for their products rise dramatically.

Mr. Ericsson Oloya, a dealer in hand-hoes says his sales have more than doubled ever since the President announced measures to combat the spread of   Covid-19 pandemic on March 18.

“I have been receiving many customers ever since the President announced the lockdown measures; I sell them hand-hoes, pangas, gumboots among others.’’ Mr. Oloya explains

‘’In a day, we can sell about 24 hand-hoes, each at 12,000 shillings; that’s over 100 hand-hoes in a week.’’

Oloya adds that most of his customers are bodaboda   riders who have been rendered jobless because of the lockdown and ban public transport.

He says, before Covid-19 lockdown, it would take him a full week to sell the 24 hand-hoes, but now he sells them in a day.

The reliable rainfall in Acholi sub-region coupled with fertile and vast land for farming have inspired many town dwellers to go back and start farming as they wait for the lock down to be lifted.


David Kinyera, 37, formerly a Bodaboda cyclist, now operates a bicycle grinding machine.

He says he receives about 50 people on a daily basis who want to sharpen their hoes and Pangas for cultivation.

Mr. Richard Nyeko, a farmer and a resident of Bwongatira sub-county says he is planting potatoes and beans so that he can be able to supplement his income as a school watchman and feed his family of 8.

Farmers in Gulu expect to have a bumper harvest after the first season of farming; that’s about three months from now.

President Museveni is most of his address to the nation has emphasized the need for people to engage in productive agriculture as the markets for the Food produce is always readily available.

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