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Fans Divided as Chameleone Urges Museveni to Forgive Bobi Wine

Uganda’s most popular musician, Jose Chameleone has authored a public letter to President Museveni, urging him to forgive jailed Kyadondo East lawmaker, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.

Bobi is today Thursday expected to appear before the UPDF Court Martial in Gulu, according to Deputy Premier, Gen Moses Ali.

Police disclosed that Bobi and Arua Municipality MP-elect Kassiano Wadri were found in possession of guns and ammunition hence facing charges related to illegal possession of firearms.

But in a letter released on Thursday morning, Chameleone apologised on behalf of Bobi for the damage of a car in presidential motorcade in the Arua violence.

Chameleone, who said seeking appointment or going through protocol will not deliver his urgent letter to Museveni, said Bobi Wine has sold Uganda’s culture to the world through good music.

He said Bobi has since exhibited his penchant for leadership but that, “Like any young ambitious man, he has treaded a path of aggressiveness.”

Chameleone, a close friend of Bobi, told Museveni that “Our brother, Your son Bobi Wine could have gone wrong on execution of some of his ideologies. That’s a challenge. As head of state and forefather, it’s a great one too to lead us in example of forgiveness and reconciliation as that is one of the prime problems that have hindered our society. We are so unforgiving.”

He then made his case: “I, as a son of this nation on behalf of the slogan. “For God and my Country” With all honour beg you the President to symbolise (sic) forgiveness in such a time. We can all wrong but better be the forgiver. Mr President, You are a Father, Parent and always forgiving one. We shall all remain calm and be hopeful that the coming developments will see us all live harmoniously and have a peaceful country henceforth.”


However, some of Chameleone’s fans said it should be the state to apologise to Bobi for arresting him for participating in a political rally.

Rhoda Mudu Mugumba wondered: “Forgiveness for what? What did Bobi do except for standing for the people! Asking for forgiveness is like accepting that all they are fabricating is true.”

Cera Dianie Kibuuka observed: “Forgiveness over what…he doesn’t deserve this letter. He (Museveni) has to apologise to Bobi instead…”

On the hand, some of Chameleone’s fans praised his conciliatory tone, saying the culture of political violence needed to be addressed.

Simpulisio Kibugo posted on Facebook: “Thank you my brother Jose Chameleone. You are really a man. This is our mother country were we should be forgiving each other.”

Desire Katende Cyprian chipped in: “Jose you are a class apart. This is what we call real friendship. Thanks for this humble request to the President. Hope the message will reach him.”

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