Family Builds House around Mowzey Radio’s Grave

Three months after the death of GoodLyfe’s singer, Mowzey Radio, his family has decided to build a house around his grave.

Commonly seen among the royal tombs and a few homes, Mowzey Radio’s grave house which is still under construction looks a little different and bigger as it can accommodate more than ten people at a time to pay him their respects.

According to one of the builders at the site, it was his mother’s idea that the house be built.

“We don’t know who is funding this but it was the mum that wanted the house to be built, it will be used for prayers and for shade and resting for mourners and friends who come to see their friend Mowzey,” he said.

Adding that the grave house will be complete in a short while as it is only left with painting and tiling the floor.

Ever since the singer’s death, his mother’s home in Kagga Entebbe receives over twenty to fifty visitors a day however with restriction from the family about who steps into the compound.

The house still under construction
Radio’s mother’s compound shows the family receives a lot of people
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