Fake Apple Phone Factory Busted In China

A major iPhone counterfeiting factory, more about which produced fake Apple devices of which some made their way to the U.S has been shut down by Beijing police and nine have been arrested.

The company has reportedly made more than 41, click 000 fake Apple iPhones and 66, 000 ribbon cables worth a total of $19.4 million.

The arrests come as part of a crackdown on intellectual property theft being undertaken by Chinese law enforcement as the country looks to shake its reputation for being a haven for fake goods.

According to a Police statement posted on welbo, the Beijing-based firm first caught the authorities’ eye after fake China-made handsets were seized in the United States in May.

The elaborate operation, run by a husband and wife team, was said to have six assembly lines and hundreds of workers. It relied on second-hand smartphone components that were repackaged as authentic iPhones, then exported and sold.

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