Fairway Hotel To Pay Singer Khalifah Aganaga Over Music Video

Singer Aganaga is reaping big in his ‘Bitya’ music video.

Recently, Khalifah shot his music video at a top hotel in Town Fair way Hotel &Spa, which we have learnt, costed the singer Shs500, 000 for using the hotel area for the video.

Well, that was meaningless to the hotel at that time, which probably, may not be the case for now. We have reliably been informed that, the Hotel management is thinking of paying off Khalifah, after seeing their hotel in the Music video being used by such a popular artist.

Featuring Easy Boy Katonto,the video,released early this year, clearly brings out the hotel’s attractive sceneries, a thing, that has made the Hotel Bosses want to look for the singer and honor him.

ChimpLyf has learnt that, the Hotel’s management wants to request Khalifah to make the Hotel’s name clearly visible since it is not seen and can only be noticed by those guests who have ever visited or stayed there.

Question is, could that necessitate the singer to re-edit the video just to include the word ‘FAIRWAY’ in it? If so, that might earn him some good dimes.

We are also aware that, it costed Khalifah Shs 5M producing his music video and re-editing it to meet the Hotel’s demands, will obviously not be difficult,but may require them to pay some huge amount.

we shall keep you posted on the new developments of this story.


Watch the music video here;

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